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Current Release Version is:  EnSight 10.1.1(b) announced July 31, 2014.

See the Release main page for a features description.   Contact Support if you need help with an earlier version of EnSight.

If you are not already a licensed customer you will need to get a trial license, the downloaded software requires a license key.  Or you can run EnSight Free, which requires no license key but has model size limitations.

Existing Customers can use this link:   EnSight Download Link


The EnSight download links, above, contain all of these products:

  • EnSight, including EnSight Free, EnSight Desktop, and the others.
  • Viewers:  EnVideo, EnLiten, Reveal
  • Video Editor: EnVe
  • License Manager: Slim

The links below have just specific parts, for non-EnSight users.


Other download links:

License manager

EnVideo Library and Plugins

Free Viewers – EnLiten, EnVideo, Reveal

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