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CEI is now part of ANSYS

CEI was acquired by ANSYS on July 5, 2017.  And is now a wholly owned subsidiary.

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Featured Customers

Engineer a better world:


Increase MPG

Most major automotive manufacturers use EnSight to improve fuel efficiency, safety, and comfort.


Advance aviation

Major aircraft makers use EnSight to simulate and visualize aerodynamics, sources of drag and the effect of new designs. 


Protect lives

The defense industry uses EnSight to increase protection to crew from IEDs.


Enhance diagnostics

MRI researchers around the world use EnSight to understand the flow of blood in the human heart, in what the medical industry calls “4-D flow.”


Break records

Engineers in Olympic-level sports including bicycling, bobsleds and skeleton use EnSight to squeeze the smallest margins out of human performance and equipment efficiency.


Improve collaboration

Scientists and engineers immerse themselves in a virtual reality of their simulation data using EnSight VR.

Volume Rendering

See the unseen

Using EnSight’s Volume Rendering technique, engineers can peer inside a simulation by intensifying interesting flow areas and hiding others.


Persuade with Realism

Engineers and scientists prefer EnSight’s texture mapping, keyframe animation, pixel-accurate transparency and multi-pass anti-aliased rendered images because the best images and animations are more persuasive to customers.