EnSight, the leading post-processor for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) data on the market, will soon launch its most powerful update yet: EnSight 10.2. This major update focuses on improving the graphics quality and performance of EnSight visualizations to make understanding and communicating your engineering data easier than ever.

More Realistic

EnSight 10.2 features a fully overhauled graphics system that allows for extremely realistic models. Your models can now feature realistic shadows, reflections and refractions based on a diverse list of materials, giving your presentations a complete, professional look. Plus, with the ability to place and manipulate multiple light sources, the power to create stunning visualizations of your work has never been more complete.

Superior Power

Complex visualizations require a lot of resources from your machine. EnSight 10.2 features an updated rendering pipeline that not only produces realistic visualizations, but use the resources of your computer as efficiently as possible, to ensure you get the highest level of performance from EnSight.

Communicate Your Data

EnSight 10.2 offers more options for engineers looking to communicate their data. Save your images with transparent backgrounds to easily incorporate them into presentations or reports. Users can also use one of over 200 crafted color palettes to save time when creating visualization presentations and to ensure that your audience gets the most complete understanding of your data.

VR and Mac User Please Note:

EnSight 10.2.2a Now Supports Virtual Reality (VR) and Macintosh computers.