How to visualize 4D flow medical data in EnSight – tutorial 1

We added this video tutorial for EnSight 10 on how to visualize 4D flow medical data to our video tutorials page.

In this first tutorial, we will illustrate how to get started with your medical data in EnSight. Starting with the “box” or outline view, this tutorial illustrates how to create a few Clip Planes through the domain on which to display various variables. Utilizing the Click-n-Go capability allows the user to dynamically adjust the location of the clip and interrogate the results further. From here, the tutorial illustrates how to then create segmented clips in the domain for a region of interest. From there, we look at displaying velocity vectors and calculate a flow rate through the region of interest over time. With this tutorial, you should be able to start to investigate your medical data in EnSight in both a qualitative and quantitative manner.

aheart-mri.mp4.cvhztrc from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.



More Information

EnSight for 4D Flow home page.

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