How to visualize 4D flow medical data in EnSight – tutorial 2

We added this second video tutorial for EnSight 10 on how to visualize 4D flow medical data to our video tutorials page.

In this second medical data based tutorial for EnSight, we will focus on how to utilize texture maps to interrogate both functional and spatial information at once. We first do this by using the Texture map capability in EnSight to color the domain by one value (PET Function), and change its intensity by another variable (MRI contrast). In a second method, we utilize an isosurface of a particular value, and color that isosurface by a second variable. Finally, we illustrate the use of the Auxiliary clipping plane value in EnSight to dynamically hide a portion of the model so that the user can interrogate values inside the isosurface. This dataset exercises the NIfTI/Analyze reader built into EnSight to read in native NIfTI or Analyze format data.



More Information

EnSight for 4D Flow home page.

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