EnSight is now used by many researchers in MRI and the field referred to as “4D Flow” – data acquired by the new high-speed and high resolution MRI machines that are the cutting edge of medical diagnostic technology. This new trove of high quality data is first massaged using custom tools to filter the data and then visualized and quantified using EnSight.



Customers include:

Northwestern University

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Linkoping University in Sweden

University of California at San Francisco

and others


4D Flow Specific Video Tutorials

Basics of MRI based Visualization in EnSight (12:58)

Using Textures and Isosurfaces for Medical data in EnSight (9:08)



Sample Images

Pathline visualization of cardiac blood flow

Pathline visualization of cardiac blood flow. Pathlines are traced from planes located at the mitral valve (red-yellow) and the tricuspid valve (blue-turquoise) at early diastolic ventricular inflow. A separately acquired balanced steady-state, three-chamber image provides anatomical orientation. See also additional file 3.



Journal of Cardiavascular Magnetic Resonance,  January 14, 2011 issue.


The April 2012 issue of JMRI cover features an image made with EnSight.

And an article inside mentions how EnSight is used with MRI/DICOM data to visualize blood flow.

Cover image for Vol. 35 Issue 4

Flyer for the SCMR 2013 Meeting in San Francisco, CA. http://www.scmr.org Featuring the heart image produced by Linkoping University using EnSight.

Working with MRI data with velocity information and want to visualize it with EnSight?  We recommend partnering with one of the above organizations to understand the benefits and workflow of using EnSight for 4D Flow.