Share Your Visualizations with the World

EnVideo is an easy to use, cross-platform video player for movies created by EnSight. With EnVideo, you can export lossless

Jet Engine Combustor. Image Courtesy of NASA Glenn.

Jet Engine Combustor. Image Courtesy of NASA Glenn.

visualization animations from EnSight to the CEI-developed .evo video format and play them back, preserving the high quality of the original scene. With EnVideo, you no longer have to worry about beautiful scientific and engineering visualizations being ruined by muddy mesh lines or blurry objects. EnVideo is designed to support the native EVO file generated by CEI products like EnSight, EnLiten and EnVe, but also has the ability to display animations in other standard formats such as AVI, MPEG, QuickTime and .gif.

EnVideo also supports the playing of stereo or 3D .evo files so that models can be viewed with 3D glasses (such as Nvidia 3Dvision) and stereo headsets (such as Oculus Rift and Canon MREAL).

Key Features:

  • Plays lossless .evo files from CEI
  • Plays every frame of a movie for high clarity and technical purposes
  • Supports other video formats
  • Supports 3D or stereo .evo movies.

EnVideo Gold supports playback of videos on tiled display walls. A special .mtm file will be needed to tell EnVideo how to display the videos, creating a smooth playback of large movies on expansive displays.

EnVideo does not support audio. EnVe’s native file format is an uncompressed .evo file, a format created by CEO (not to be confused with ripped DVD or Blu-ray discs).