EnSight allows me to visualize my data without removing it from the server – I can visualize at LSU data that are in Texas or Illinois or California,” Blaise Bourdin, an assistant professor in Louisiana State University’s Department of Mathematics says. “I don’t have to wait until everything is transferred, and I don’t have to store it locally to view it.


EnSight is the leading tool of industrial CFD post-processing, animation, visualization, and communication.  Professors now realize that modern CFD expectations include large models, unsteady phenomena, and interactive mining of the simulation results.  In other words the old tools useful in the 1990s just won’t cut it any more.

Contact us for any questions you have about bringing EnSight to your campus.  As a service to our commercial and government customers we make EnSight available at reduced prices to degree-granting universities and colleges to help them prepare the next generation of engineers and scientists with the tools they will need in the workplace.



Want to learn EnSight fast?  Check out these video tutorials which walk you step by step through the basics.

EnSight 10 Tutorials

EnSight 9 Tutorials

EnSight Academic Discounts

Contact CEI’s Academic Programs Team for special pricing and programs available to qualified academic organizations.

EnSight is available in several ways to the university/campus/student

1. EnSight Free – limited in features and model size, download and use it right now.  No license required.  Download it here.

2. Nodelocked licenses – individual academic license.

3. Floating licenses – share a pool of licenses.

4. Department/Class License – share a pool of licenses for a class or lab.

5. Campus license – share a pool of licenses for multiple classes and/or labs and departments.


Python Exchange website

A community of engineers and scientists and students use Python to enhance and extend EnSight.  You are welcome to leverage their work and join the community.  There is no cost.  Scripts,  recipes for scripts, tips, and complete plugins for EnSight are available at the site.   www.pythonexchange.com



The documentation for EnSight is available once you download and install it.  You can also review the documentation here.

Installation Manual

Getting Started Manual

How To Manual