ANSYS purchases CEI

ANSYS Acquisition of CEI announced July 11, 2017


Please first read the announcement jointly produced by CEI and ANSYS, here.  (ANSYS Investors area PR)


ANSYS Inc. a public US company based in Canonsburg, PA (near Pittsburgh, PA) has agreed to purchase (merge) CEI Inc. and CEI’s subsidiaries in Germany, Japan, and India. As a result CEI, Inc. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of ANSYS.  Previously CEI, Inc. was owned privately, including shares held by some CEI employees. The international subsidiaries continue to be subsidiaries of CEI, Inc. and are therefore also 100% owned by ANSYS, Inc.


CEI, Inc. will continue operating, writing EnSight and related software, and continue serving customers.  No changes are currently planned that will affect product availability to our customers.


All staff were offered jobs to remain at CEI, and all but one are remaining at CEI. will continue to be the main website for EnSight.  Email will continue working as before. Phone numbers at local offices will not change. The main number for CEI, Inc. is 919-363-0883 and for support at 800-551-4448.  


EnSight software support, operations, availability, marketing, and sales are not affected.


We have attempted to anticipate some concerns and questions which we have answered in the form of a Q&A below.  If you do not see the information you are seeking following the study of the Q&A please contact CEI Marketing (  or ANSYS, Inc.


Q: Will CEI staff relocate or move?  

A: No.


Q: Are CEI staff being replaced?

A: No.


Q:  Is anyone leaving CEI as a result of the merger?

A:  One employee from CEI India has decided to leave CEI to join another CAE company.  All other staff worldwide remains employed in their current roles.  We do not anticipate any further staff attrition as most of the staff has been aware and fully informed of the merger for several months.


Q:  Is this a good thing for the future of EnSight?

A:  This will be a good thing for all of our customers for a number of reasons:

  1. As we become integrated into ANSYS our customer will be able to reach technical support from multiple continents during all time zones.
  2. We will be adopting ANSYS development tools and procedures which should result in more robust software.
  3. ANSYS has an entire testing department which will provide the opportunity to find and correct more problems before you see a software release.
  4. We will have access to human factors expertise to help us build better user experiences.
  5. We will have access to a host of technology and expertise from ANSYS that we can take advantage of in the CEI products.
  6. Working from within the ANSYS sales and distribution channels we will surely gain many more customers.  More customers allows us more revenue to invest in more technology development.  More development means you will gain access to even more capability than you have now.
  7. Removing the burden of corporate compliance will allow us to spend more time and resources on software development.
  8. The integration with ANSYS solvers will become better and higher performance.  EnSight will also be integrated with ANSYS Workbench.


Q: How will this affect the short, medium, and long term development plans for EnSight?

A: Short term roadmap for EnSight remains unchanged. CEI continues to be focused on serving the needs of EnSight customers. The Medium term development roadmap for EnSight will begin to involve the requirements of a larger deployment of EnSight through ANSYS. Longer term development is still focused on providing the best post processing, visualization and analysis software for CAE simulations.


Q:  I have ANSYS products.  Will EnSight be bundled with my license so I get it included?

A:  In the short term nothing changes, i.e., EnSight will need to be licensed independently.  Longer term EnSight can always be purchased separately but it’s also possible that a “option pack” from ANSYS will include it – this decision simply has not been made yet.


Q:  I don’t have ANSYS products.  Can I still purchase licenses and support & maintenance?

A:  Absolutely.  There is no requirement to have other ANSYS products.


Q: How do I renew my EnSight software for next year?

A: Renewals will be handled in exactly the same way by exactly the same personnel at CEI.  No changes.


Q: How will I reach EnSight support now?

A: The same way as before. You can email to,  or use the built-in Help tool in EnSight, or call 800-551-4448, in the USA. Or outside the USA contact your local office or Distributor.


Q: How are distributors of EnSight affected?

A: Distributor agreements continue in place. Their orders will be processed by the same staff at CEI Inc. and subsidiary offices.  


Q: What is the timeline of this?  

A: This acquisition was filed on July 5, 2017 and announced on July 11, 2017. The paperwork has been filed in North Carolina and Delaware.  


Q: Has CEI’s Tax ID (EIN number) changed?

A: No.  It remains the same.


Q: Are CEI employees now ANSYS employees?

A: Yes.  CEI employees are still CEI employees.  But since CEI is a wholly owned subsidiary of ANSYS, CEI employees are also ANSYS employees.  In the same way that citizens of North Carolina are also citizens of the United States.


Q: What is going to change?

A: We will have future announcements about future changes. Our current focus is on a smooth continuation of operations. To be sure the overall goal will continue to be serving customers with our engineering simulation post-processing and visualization software, EnSight.


Q:  What is coming next?

A:  We’ve recently released EnSight 10.2 and our all new 3D viewer EnVision.  We just released the first version of Nexus.  Don’t know what Nexus is?  It’s big and exciting!  A launch of Nexus will be coming up soon.


Q: Will CEI licensing system change?

A: Not in the short term.  Longer term, any changes will allow our customers a slow and orderly transition to any new license manager.


Q: Will being part of ANSYS hurt CEI’s support for data formats from solvers which are competitors to ANSYS?

A:  ANSYS desires all of our interfaces to continue forward with enhancements and support.  Of course we can not predict how ANSYS competitors might react, but we hope to continue our long and productive history of providing EnSight users access to data from a large number of CAE data formats.


Q: Should I contact my local ANSYS Sales Rep to buy EnSight?

A: Not at this time. At this time purchasing EnSight, licensing, and support are all done through CEI.  Over time we expect to be able to offer EnSight through the ANSYS sales network, but this will take time for systems and training to catch up with the ownership change.


Q: When is the next EnSight User Group Meeting?

A: In Europe it will be November 30-December 1, 2017 in Munich, Germany at our German office. It is also sponsored by our long time French Distributor: Distene.  More details are coming here:


Q: When is the next EnSight User Group meeting in Asia?

A: In Japan it will be on Friday October 27, in Tokyo, Japan at our CEI Japan office in Nakano Sunplaza, as it has been in years past.


Q: Where can I find more information about CEI and EnSight?