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Environment variable to point to license server instead of copy of license file

We improved slim8 so that a user or IT can specify the license server machine with an environmental variable and does not have to put the slim8.key on each client machine. This improvement already been made in EnSight  10.1.4(a). The environment variable is SLIMD8_SERVERS and should be used as: setenv SLIMD8_SERVERS “computer1:7790;computer2:7790” Similarly for Windows.  How to set environment variables […]

Passport Tip – Email address

EnSight customers are world travelers. And we’d be so happy if this tip saves one of our customers from a really bad trip experience. Suggestion: Put your email address in your passport. An address that you check frequently, obsessively. So that if you by chance leave your passport on a ticket counter, foreign exchange counter, […]

EnSight 10.1.4a Release Notes

EnSight 10.1.4a is now available for download EnSight 10.1.4a has been released.  You may download it now. New or Major Capabilities Added EnSight 10.1.4a is a bug fix release not focused on adding new capabilities. But there are a few new features listed below. Views View can now be set to be normal to the selected part […]