CPFD and CEI are proud to announce their new partnership such that Barracuda CFD post processing and visualization will be provided by EnSight, from CEI.



CEI and CPFD have partnered in the creation of a direct reader of Barracuda data.  Templates using EnSight have been created which make the most frequent ways of viewing Barracuda just one-click away.  And Barracuda customers are being offered the opportunity to license EnSight at attractive pricing for versions of EnSight which only read Barracuda data.

The movie below was made from Barracuda data using EnSight.


[quote]“CEI’s EnSight enables engineers to explore their data with extreme flexibility, and with CPFD’s expertise and guidance to CEI, we expect that interactivity, graphics realism and performance will increase even further, Dr. Kenneth A. Williams Co-owner CPFD Software”[/quote] The best way to view Barracuda data is by starting within the Barracuda application and from there EnSight can be launched using preset views of the data specific to Barracuda and familiar to Barracuda software users.  However, if you start directly in EnSight the following introductory tutorial shows you what you can expect. [divider]

ESB Tutotial 1 : Getting Started with EnSight for Barracuda from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.

Current customers of EnSight will benefit as well, since they have access to the new Barracuda reader as well. Giving them improved Barracuda CFD Post-processing workflow since they no longer need to use non-native file formats or additional steps to get data into EnSight.


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Videos made with Barracuda data using EnSight