EnSight 10.1 Case Linking from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.

When you load two cases wouldn’t you like to create a clip plane in one case and EnSight automatically create the same clip plane in the other case? If you then color that clip plane by a variable wouldn’t you want the 2nd clip plane to also be colored by the 2nd case’s variable? Of course you would. And that’s an example of what case linking does.

Comparing multiple cases in EnSight is an old capability. All of the old functionality of reading and comparing multiple cases still exists. But in EnSight 10.1 we have added the first phase of what we call “case linking” which is intended to provide easy case comparison functionality, as long as the cases conform to some limitations (these limitations will be worked on for future versions of this capability):

○ Data must contain the same number and named parts
○ Same variable must exist with same names across the cases
○ The geometry must be in roughly the same dimensions

You must turn on case linking before you add the second case. And once you turn it off you can not turn it back on. So common usage scenario is to turn it on and perform the operations that case linking takes care of most easily. Then turn it off to complete the post processing.

Once turned on the feature does the following operations:
○ Any case added will apply the context file from the first case and place the new case in a new viewport.
○ The first case added will split the screen into a left/right viewport.
○ (Future plans) Other cases added will produce “thumbnail” viewports down the left side. Once the number of cases added is greater than the number of viewports that can be viewed, a scroll bar is added.
○ All viewports are linked.
○ Any part attribute modified will be applied to the parts of the other cases
○ Any part created will be created through the same parts of the other cases
○ Any variable created will be duplicated across all cases
○ Queries will be performed through all cases and plotted on the same plotter
○ Interactive probe queries will be performed at the same screen position in the linked viewports

In the future we would like to have the ability to match up the parts and variables between cases, and further expand the capabilities.
You may only have up to 4 linked cases, i.e., you will not be able to add a fifth case with case linking turned on. This should be a temporary issue and will be enhanced soon.