We’re looking for user-generated content

We’ve always felt that the best way to learn and grow with EnSight is to share how other users are creating and innovating with the software. That’s why we’re looking for users that are willing to share their stories, images or videos for use in EnSight marketing and support materials. If you’re interested in participating […]

Richard Childress Racing leverages CONVERGE and EnSight

Images from an article about CONVERGE being used at Richard Childress Racing (RCR).  Thanks to EnSight user Brian Kurn.

Shark Skin, CFD, and EnSight help Scarlett Screamer improve aerodynamics and place 1st in 2013 Reno Air Races Edge

“Fly low, fly fast, turn left” was the motto of the Reno Air Races in 2013 when, for the 50th time, pilots from around the world competed in various classes above the Nevada Desert. Not only are pilots required but also the engineers who put a great development effort behind the scenes for these amazing […]

Gasifier Analysis using CPFD Barracuda

Barracuda Virtual Reactor VR – CFD post-processing of gas-particle fluidized reactors simulation from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo. Animation of gasifier simulation. Physics from CPFD Barracuda is based off from discrete particle continuum. Here, the volume fraction of the particles within the gasifier stage are shown. Analysis and post processing done with EnSight.

CFD Analysis of Pump Cavitation and Acoustics

Please join us for this educational webinar on CFD analysis of pump cavitation and acoustics. The webinar will be co-hosted by CEI, Pointwise, and CRAFT Tech.  CEI develops the EnSight post-processor, Pointwise develops the Pointwise meshing program, and CRAFT Tech develops the CFD solvers Craft and Crunch, among others. More details below.  Pointwise Webinar Landing Page. […]