Converge Post-processing accelerates through Convergent Science Inc. and CEI partnership

July 15, 2013 – Convergent Science Inc. has announced that they have partnered with Computational Engineering International, Inc. to offer CEI’s flagship product EnSight-Desktop fully integrated into CONVERGE™ Studio. CONVERGE™ Studio is the graphical user interface for the innovative CFD solver CONVERGE™.  The goal is to improve CONVERGE post-processing.

Rob Kaczmarek, Director of Sales and Marketing at Convergent Science stated “We are very pleased to partner with CEI to bundle EnSight-Desktop with CONVERGE™ Studio.  Having CEI’s post-processor integrated with CONVERGE™ Studio will offer our CFD users an industry leading option for visualizing their CONVERGE™ results.”

Darin McKinnis, VP of Sales & Marketing at CEI Software commented “EnSight has been used to post-process and visualize CONVERGE™ results for several years, but the past two years as our companies have worked more closely together we’ve made greater strides than ever in better serving CONVERGE™ users.  We expect that progress to accelerate due to this partnership.

CONVERGE™ Studio allows users to cleanup geometries, setup cases, prepare chemical mechanism reduction, create plots, and post process all in one easy to use environment. With CONVERGE™ Studio getting from CAD to CFD just got even faster.

Sample movie made by EnSight with data from a jet engine combustor simulated by CONVERGE™.=

Standard Features

  • Full problem setup with Screen Slide technology
  • Input condition and validation
  • Chemical Mechanism Reduction utility
  • Plotting utilities

About Convergent Science

CONVERGE™ is an innovative CFD software that automates the meshing at runtime with a perfectly orthogonal Cartesian mesh, eliminating the need for a user defined mesh.  This combined with its Adaptive Mesh Refinement technology allows for easy analysis of complex geometries and moving boundaries.  CONVERGE™ is also equipped with extremely fast and efficient detailed chemistry, an extensive set of physical sub-models, a genetic algorithm optimization module, and fully automated parallelization.

About CEI

CEI, founded in 1994, offers an entire range of EnSight versions for CFD post-processing and visualization needs, from a free version (EnSight Free) to one supporting the most advanced Virtual Reality (VR) displays and massive CFD simulation datasets (EnSight DR). EnSight offers unparalleled interactivity, performance, image quality, and flexibility in CFD post-processing and visualization.  CEI has corporate headquarters in Apex, N.C., offices in Tokyo, Munich, Shanghai, and Pune, India and authorized distributors around the world.

Additional Information

Samples of EnSight-produced movies from Converge Data

Requesting EnSight for Converge

Image of the Month – September 2012 – Is this your heart?

Image created using EnSight by Jonatan Eriksson, PhD student to Professor Tino Ebbers of Linkoping University.

EnSight data usually comes from computer simulations.  But in this case the data came from an MRI, an MRI of a beating human heart.  A highly specialized segment of the MRI research community focuses on cutting-edge MRI hardware and scanning algorithms.  That community includes Linkoping University in Sweden where this image was created.  The image was used in promoting the upcoming meeting of the Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR), see below.  Read More

To help keep information together regarding this unique use of EnSight, we’ve created a new web page dedicated to 4D-Flow community.

Flyer for the SCMR 2013 Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Featuring the heart image produced by Linkoping University using EnSight.


An image nice enough to be your society’s cover art is a strong endorsement for image of the month from CEI.

Congratulations to Jonatan and Prof. Ebbers.

If you have an image or movie you’d like to submit, you can send them to or use our support tool for uploading large files, here.  A small prize and the recognition here at await the monthly winner.

River Flooding, Tsunami and Groundwater Simulations

We’ve noticed a surge in interest in EnSight for visualizing flooding and other groundwater control simulations.

Yes, we do have translation routines for both River-FLO, FLO-2D, MIKE21_FM, and MIKE21_Classic formats. These translation routines to convert these formats into EnSight Case Format, which can then be read into and visualized with EnSight.

Summary of the different translation routines on our Python Exchange Website:
You can find details about the different translation routines, some examples of aerial photo application onto the model, special time annotations, as well as a video tutorial showing one of the translation routines in action, as well as some of the fundamental benefits of utilizing EnSight for visualization of these types of river & flood tools.

You can also find on our gallery website some of the animations and engineering quantification of River & Flood simulation results using EnSight:


River Flood simulation. Simulation courtesy of Wood Rodgers, using MIKE21 Classic. Dataset read into EnSight, and visualized using EnSight 10. Keyframe animations, aerial photo texture mapping, isovolume calculation, graphs of the area effected over time, max depth, as well as profiles through the simulation.


This short animation illustrates the power of EnSight’s interactivity. In this video, we have first created a clip through the flood as a “cross-section”. We then graphed the depth along this cross section in the plotter. Next, the interactivity of EnSight now allows the user to interactively drag the cross-section to anywhere they would like, and the plot automatically updates instantaneously. Simulation results courtesy of Wood Rodgers.


Animation of the river flood event in EnSight. In this animation, we have used EnSight’s 3D arrow along with the interactive query of the max depth to illustrate to the user the dynamic location of the maximum depth as time develops. Simulation results courtesy of Wood Rodgers


Are you involved with River and Flooding simulations? Are there specific aspects to the simulation that you are trying to capture and illustrate? We’d like to hear more about this type of work and see where EnSight can help you analyze, visualize, and communicate those results.

EnSight Speaker’s Bureau

Our customers are using EnSight to design future jet cars, make boats more maneuverable, make engines more efficient, and guide doctors in the understanding of blood flow.

So we’re begging you to consider registering as a potential user meeting speaker.  Just send us an email to marketing at  Emailing only expresses interest – not commitment.  We often have budget to help provide travel expenses.

Past presenters:

Darren Grove from Boeing spoke in Tokyo at our Japanese EnSight Forum on the work on the North American Eagle attempt to break the world record for fastest car in an all volunteer team.

Andrew Hobbs from Astec spoke at our Japan EnSight Forum in 2016 about using EnSight visualize Fluent-EDEM coupled simulations of road making material handling.

Satish Kumar from Wood Rodger spoke at our Japan EnSight forum in 2012 about using EnSight for flooding simulation visualization.


Would you like an expense-paid trip to Japan to show of your work with EnSight?