Achates Power featured in Desktop Engineering

Achates Power’s goal is to develop radically improved internal combustion engines.  Internal combustion engines would be radially improved if they increased fuel efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, AND lowered engine costs.  For that engineering challenge they’ve turned to Converge from Convergent Science in Madison, Wisconsin.  And for their post-processing, well, you can imagine what their […]

Uncle Sam’s HPC CFD Post-processing Supercomputer specifies EnSight

When the U.S. Government’s Department of Energy (DoE)  builds its next two supercomputers, the Trinity and NERSC-8,  it specified the software for post-processing and visualization it wants to be able to use.  In that specification the only commercial software for post-processing was CEI’s EnSight.   See section 4.1.1 of the document for yourself. These […]

Converge Post-processing accelerates through Convergent Science Inc. and CEI partnership

July 15, 2013 – Convergent Science Inc. has announced that they have partnered with Computational Engineering International, Inc. to offer CEI’s flagship product EnSight-Desktop fully integrated into CONVERGE™ Studio. CONVERGE™ Studio is the graphical user interface for the innovative CFD solver CONVERGE™.  The goal is to improve CONVERGE post-processing. Rob Kaczmarek, Director of Sales and […]

River Flooding, Tsunami and Groundwater Simulations

We’ve noticed a surge in interest in EnSight for visualizing flooding and other groundwater control simulations. Yes, we do have translation routines for both River-FLO, FLO-2D, MIKE21_FM, and MIKE21_Classic formats. These translation routines to convert these formats into EnSight Case Format, which can then be read into and visualized with EnSight. Summary of the different […]

CFD Engineer Job – Rocket Design

Blue Origin is looking for a CFD engineer.  Does designing a rocket sound like interesting work?