Flow-3D Software to Feature Built-In EnSight 10

FLOW-3D CFD Software to Feature Built-in EnSight 10 for Advanced

Post-Processing, 3D Visualization

Flow Science, CEI Partner to Embed EnSight 10 into FLOW-3D for More Powerful, Efficient 3D CFD Visualization of Dynamic Flow Simulations; See a Preview at the 12th FLOW-3D European Users Conference; Beta Release Set for Fall


Apex, N.C. and Santa Fe, N.M. (January 24, 2012)—CEI, Inc. and Flow Science, Inc., both leading providers of computational fluid dynamics solutions, announced today that the two have partnered to embed the latest version of CEI’s EnSight CFD 3D visualization software directly into Flow Science’s FLOW-3D CFD modeling and analysis suite, integrating advanced post-processing and volume rendering animation directly into the FLOW-3D graphical user interface. FLOW-3D users can expect a beta launch this fall of the new integrated solution that incorporates the recently-released EnSight 10, with the final production version coming next year.

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Fastest Cars in the World

ThrustSSC, the British jet-powered car holds the current land speed record, set in 1997, of 763mph. ThrustSSC used EnSight to help it break the record, along with computing power of Cray Research. (citation)

Now teams are going after the record again. An all volunteer team of Americans is trying to bring the record back to America using the fuselage of a jet once piloted by Chuck Yeager.  Kiwis are trying to bring it to New Zealand for the first time and even F-1 teams are taking their cars out to the lake beds to see what an unmodified F-1 can do.  Read about it all here.

Racecar Engineering Article

Bloodhound SSC

ThrustSSC is building a new car, Bloodhound SSC, one of many in hunt for the record.




Vetter-Sturtevant Shocktube Experiments

The Vetter-Sturtevant shocktube experiments:
– Two gases, air and SF6, initially separated by a membrane inside a tube, are mixed by the passage of a strong shock through the interface between them.
– Used as a test of our continuous adaptive mesh refinement code RAGE.

How can you compare different 3D simulations of these experiments?

Use EnSight and Python to perform a dimensional reduction of the 3D simulation data:
-Use Python script with EnSight to place an integration plane at positions along the tube axis oriented perpendicular to the axis.
– At each position EnSight computes the mix parameter by integration over the plane and returns the result to Python.
– In this way a 1D plot of the mix parameter vs position is generated at each time.
– 3D mix is reduced to a plot of the1D mix parameter vs position that can be compared between simulations over time.
– EnSight is used to integrate the mix parameter along the axis and plot the result over time.
– Animate everything together on the same image to study the quantitative evolution of the shock induced mixing.

Simulation courtesy of F. Grinstein, LANL
1850×988, 12MB

North American Eagle – World Land Speed Challenger

EnSight is one of the tools being used to try and build a car, or jet on wheels, which can break the land speed record. CFD calculations are being run with CFD++ and the data from those simulations is being analyzed and visualized and plotted with EnSight. This work was recently previewed at the Metacomp Symposium in Long Beach, California on Sept 14, 2011 by Mr. Ron Doll of Boeing, one of the CFD volunteers in the project.

Home of the North American Eagle – World Land Speed Challenger.

Attempting to Break the Land Speed Record using CFD from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.