EMSolution by SSIL – electromagnetics solver

EMSolution is a magnetic field solver developed by the Japanese company
Science Solutions International Laboratory (SSIL).
SSIL have made a data conversion program to EnSight.

SSIL website (Japanese).

EnSight 10.1.2b Release Notes

EnSight 10.1.2b is now available for download

EnSight 10.1.2b has been released.  You may download it now.


New or Major Capabilities Added

EnSight 10.1.2b is a bug fix release not focused on adding new capabilities.

The JT exporter did get transparency by variable added.

Data Readers

Several readers/interfaces have been improved, including these:

Tecplot Binary

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

See the release notes PDF or Excel spreadsheet (same information).

ensight_10 ensight_10.1.2b_public.csv.pdf




DAFUL Post-processing using EnSight

Can your forklift design handle the loads specified by the market? Turning to FEA and MBD software can help answer the question without first using costly prototypes.

The animation below shows Daful post-processing with EnSight.

Daful is multi-body dynamic (MBD) software from VirtualMotion of Korea. They made an interface with EnSight recently and we used it to make this animation for their user conference. We look forward to serving the Daful user community with excellent post-processing from EnSight. Competitors to Daful would be for example Adams from MSC.Software.

OpenFOAM post-processing benefits from 6x faster reader

OpenFOAM post-processing using EnSight just got a lot faster.  Thanks to a customer sending some test data we have developed a performance improvement that for this sample data was quite significant, 6x faster.  Mileage of course will vary and this might be the very best improvement anyone could see.  On the other hand performance gains for your data might be even greater.  Who know?

To get this new reader you need to be using version 10.0.3(e) or later, which is not yet released/announced.  Contacting EnSight Support might be the best way to get early access to this reader version, since you might want to also share some sample data so that CEI’s Development team can make sure the reader is robust and fast for your data as well.

This improvement points out how important it is for customers to work with CEI by providing sample datasets.

openfoam post-processing

OpenFOAM reader selected in the Format option. You will need to be using EnSight 10.0.3(e) or later to have the correct, faster OpenFOAM reader.


More Information

OpenFOAM Post-processing Page

What is OpenFOAM?

Who owns/develops OpenFOAM?



Barracuda Post-processing with New Direct EnSight Barracuda Reader

Barracuda Post-processing is now Direct with EnSight Barracuda Reader

For those using CPFD’s Barracuda Virtual Reactor software, there is an improved way to do Barracuda post-processing. We are pleased to announce the availability of a new direct reader in EnSight, for reading Barracuda data.  Barracuda data is written in what are called “GMV files” they have a “GMV” prefix on them.   The previous default way to read these files was to use a post-processor specifically developed to read these “GMV files”.  However the development for that post-processor has ceased and customers began asking for a direct reader of GMV files from CEI, so that EnSight can be used instead.  That is why we undertook the development of this direct reader.  It is also possible from Barracuda to export EnSight Case files and some customers will continue to use that process, however working with the Barracuda files directly will be more convenient for customers in general.  This Barracuda reader is included (along with all other EnSight readers) with all versions of EnSight, including EnSight Free, EnSight Desktop, EnSight Standard, EnSight Gold, and EnSight DR.

Below is some output from EnSight reading a Barracuda dataset using the GMV format, a simulated Virtual Reactor.

Barracuda Post-processing Volume Fraction on Left with Particle Radius on Right from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.

CEI has partnered with CPFD Software, makers of Barracuda, to develop this reader for the past 5 months.  With the help of numerous development reader versions we feel comfortable that the new Barracuda reader is the highest quality initial data reader we have ever released, thanks to the teamwork of the CEI and CPFD development staff in developing and testing this reader.

EnSight and Barracuda are natural fits for each other, because Barracuda solves transient CFD problems, specifically problems involving particle-fluid interaction flows.  These problems, for example gasifiers and other catalyzing chemical reacting flows, run for a long time, require good post-processing of particles as well as fluids, and require excellent handling of both large data and 100’s or 1000’s of time steps.  These Barracuda requirements fit perfectly with EnSight’s strengths.

How to use this reader is introduced in the brief Barracuda-specific screencast we’ve put together below.

Introduction to using EnSight to do Barracuda post-processing from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.

To use this reader you need EnSight version 10.0.3b or later.   Earlier versions of EnSight do not have this reader.

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