EnSight 10.1 Slideshow

We are very pleased to announce the newest version of EnSight 10.1. This version is the first major new release in over a year. There are a dramatic number of new features, improved usability, and better support for spheres/particles and polyhedrals. Plotting has been made easier, and EnSight’s unique capability to handle multiple cases has been enhanced and made much easier to use. For those using python for scripting will like the added support for right-click commands.

Go to the main EnSight 10.1 page for more details.


EnSight 10.0.3g Release Notes

EnSight 10.0.3g is now available for download

EnSight 10.0.3g has been released.  You may download it now.

EnSight 10.0.3g is a bug fix release not focused on adding significant new capabilities.

New or Major Capabilities Added

In this version of EnSight we improved SLIM floating licensing reliability.

Changes from 10.0.3f

EnSight 10.0.3(f) was a candidate release from December 2013.  10.0.3(g) and (f) are very similar except as noted below.

EnSight 10.0.3(f) had an issue with the user defined image libraries not packaged with the Mac version, i.e., the Mac version did not have full image file format suppport.  Windows/linux was fine in the (f) version.

Fixed a maximum thread issue on the server when you have EnSight technology through our partners, Flow Science or CPFD. These were getting set to use 1 thread instead of the correct number of 4.

Fixed an issue of creating contour part and having the view reset.

EnSight 10.0.3e Release Notes

EnSight 10.0.3e is now available for download

EnSight 10.0.3e has been released.  You may download it now.

EnSight 10.0.3e is a bug fix release not focused on adding new capabilities.


New or Major Capabilities Added

In this version of EnSight we added support for reading CONVERGE’S modified EnSight Case formatted files.  Users of CONVERGE will want to contact Convergent Science (CSI) and receive a new version of CONVERGE which produces these files.  This is the first version supporting EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE and EnSight Standard for Converge, a variation of EnSight  which only reads the modified EnSight Case formatted files.  EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE is bundled with CONVERGE from CSI. More info.

EnSight will now be more explicit about when EnSight Free is being launched instead of one of the licensed EnSight versions. In the past if EnSight could not get a license for Desktop, Standard, or the others, then EnSight Free would be launched, this could confuse customers.  Now EnSight gives a warning about no licenses being available, the license key being expired, etc. and then offers to launch EnSight or abort EnSight.


Data Readers

These readers/interfaces have been improved. Please note that some readers were being disabled by an issue with the ABAQUS reader library.  This has been corrected.

ABAQUS ODB reader was setting the system locale which was breaking a number of readers
ABAQUS ODB reader was not matching the nodal values of ABAQUS CAE application
Fluent reader no longer fails when zone IDs do not match with a part, only warnings are issued
STAR-CCM+ TRK files with implicit time steps are now support by the translator.
Synthetic reader triangle elements, issue with nodal variables not being populated
Tecplot reader, ASCII block data was failing to read



Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

3265EnSight ClientContour vector component missing
3268EnSight ClientRight Click -- > Background -- > Edit wrong dialog is brought forward
3339EnSight Clientline annotation appears completely disconnected from dialog when accessed from right click edit.
3340EnSight ClientShapes appear disconnected from dialog when accessed from right click or double click > edit.
3071EnSight ClientError in command language generation - create a viewport and then transform the view
3073EnSight ClientSurface restricted particle traces loose visibility
3074EnSight ClientAfter creating vector arrows, changing from Projection all to tangential or normal yields same values.
3076EnSight ClientClient leaks memory over time
3084EnSight ClientServer can crash computing a surface restricted trace when measured parts are loaded...
3086EnSight ClientCommand language for frame mode manipulation is not recorded properly
3087EnSight ClientPalette editor opacity control incorrect in some cases...
3089EnSight ClientClient could crash changing the visibility of an annotation line
3091EnSight ClientPart attribute modifications for a rigid body transform part
3095EnSight ClientFrame mode does save correct command language
3096EnSight ClientCase mapping failure when mapped from rotated 3D field onto 2d plane
3098EnSight ClientCurved arrow recompute when toggle in/out of hidden line
3106EnSight ClientViewport dialog changes wrong viewports
3108EnSight ClientCalculator DOT product python fail
3109EnSight ClientPoints rendered at wrong depth when using Mesa on Linux
3113EnSight ClientEnSight/EnLiten/EnVideo/Reveal could crash at startup reading fonts
3115EnSight ClientSurface restricted particle traces can crash with n-faced element parents
3117EnSight ClientSurface normal vector arrows on very small parts
3118EnSight Clientvar.PRIVATE attribute not working for some variables?
3122EnSight ClientEmit at current time setting for multiple particle trace parts.
3123EnSight ClientTurning on node/element labels for a part with no geometry will hang the client to server communication
3125EnSight ClientFrame selection not being recorded in command language
3092EnSight ClientFED pops up during playback of quick text creation via commands.
3099EnSight ClientCan't enter a constant value for free density and free velocity mag in BL_CfWall function
3107EnSight ClientPart constant query python tool doesn't get the last iso value
2697EnSight ClientProblem recording command language for a text annotation that includes a constant var
3126EnSight ClientEditing a text string does not get recorded to command language
3134EnSight ClientInterface for generating all boundary layer variables is missing some options.
3137EnSight ClientEditing multiple parts changes names for all
3140EnSight ClientModel Parts Point to mesh not working in E10
3141EnSight ClientElevated surface update after restoring from a command file
3142EnSight ClientTangential arrows on elevated surface
3144EnSight ClientTwo cases with sequential time don't play properly
3146EnSight ClientProblems specifying token type or using -token_wait_for when using -batch
3149EnSight ClientIntegrate on query not respecting the selected query
3153EnSight ClientOn Linux isovolume not colored properly nor updating in flipbook
3154EnSight ClientBlack rendering window with specific part options
3157EnSight ClientFreezes during context saving with particle traces and a copy part
3162EnSight ClientVariable activation cmd not recorded for annotation constant
3177EnSight ClientBringing up Query Probe dialog from previous cmd language does not set all options in dialog
3179EnSight ClientEnSight 10.0.3 crashes when using CEIShell VPN
3189EnSight ClientProblem with part visibility of curved vector arrows after export to EnLiten
3190EnSight ClientMid-range of a clip of a part was not computed correctly.
3191EnSight ClientMultiple isosurfaces not deleted when variable deactivated
3196EnSight ClientClip of a clip fails
3201EnSight ClientGUI needs to simply and clearly communicate DATA end time and USER selected end time with transient data
3202EnSight ClientUltra-long skinny parts not visible after loading into EnSight.
3206EnSight ClientSaving a keyframe animation of a transient dataset fails
3230EnSight ClientSaving an image ignores the main viewport location
3242EnSight Client10.0.3(d) 2D Viewport broken?
3311EnSight Clientceistart101 takes a terribly long time to start up on mac
2793EnSight ClientBug exporting parts in a scenario that were never visible.
3257EnSight ServerPathline update fix
3072EnSight ServerBL_VelocityAtEdge values not correct, does not average-out contributions from each cell by number of cells contributing
3075EnSight ServerBL variables supplied with a PER_ELEM Velocity crashes EnSight.
3094EnSight ServerElemental variables are not defined on extruded parts
3116EnSight ServerUser defined math function doesn't update with time change
3133EnSight ServerCrash calculating flow when 2D and 3D parts are selected
3186EnSight ServerClip plane disappears upon time change after using it as emitter for pathlines.
3181EnSight SOSV10.0 Casemap in SOS does not work... Xclip from Field
3163EnVideoMouse scrolling can cause EnVideo to crash
3200ReadersFluent Reader fails when a zone id number matches no parts, the reader now warns about this but doesn't return an error.
3199ReadersSynthetic reader triangle elements nodal variables not populated
3077ReadersABAQUS ODB variables at the nodes doesn't match ABAQUS CAE
3121ReadersTecplot ascii block data fails to read
3183ReadersAbaqus ODB libraries set the locale to the local machine's locale which breaks a number of readers
3110RevealSaving per elem var with continuous palette fails in Reveal


EnSight 10 Release Notes

EnSight 10 Release Notes


This document contains EnSight 10 release notes which explain modifications and enhancements between EnSight 9 and EnSight 10 releases.  If you have not used EnSight before you can safely skip the release notes section of this document.  If you are an old EnSight user – welcome to EnSight 10!

Help System

Under Windows the help system relies on Adobe Acrobat to view the documents.  CEI no longer distributes a version of Acrobat – you must install it.  Recommended is version X of acrobat.  Earlier versions do not necessarily pop up ( it’s iconified on the bottom icon bar of the windowing system) when you open the Help document from EnSight.


Under Linux the help system uses xpdf as the .pdf file viewer.  If you have something else that you would like to use you can set the environment variable CEI_PDFREADER to point to the pdf reader of your choice.


Capabilities for EnSight Desktop and EnSight Free

EnSight Desktop and Free were released with 10.0.2(c).  A chart comparing features can be found here:  http://ensight.wpengine.com/feature-table/


Release notes from EnSight 9.2 to EnSight 10.0


As you can see, it’s a whole new user interface.  To assist you we have created a wiki page that has two purposes:

1.  Show you what is new

2.  Show you how to do in V10 what you used to do in V9.


Here is the wiki:  http://wiki.ensight.com/w/EnSight10Transition


We really really encourage you to take a look at it.  In just a few minutes you will be oriented to the new interface and you will eliminate a lot of frustration as you try using V10 for the first time.


Other than the interface (which is a big one), here is a list of new/improved functionality:


  • Plotter Enhancements

  • Added ability to plot two different variables on the same plotter

  • Added ability to swap the x and y axis

  • Added ability to copy and paste “styles” from one plot or curve to another.

  • And those styles can be saved off between sessions in the Style manager

  • By default the plotter is now “auto layout” which means that it will attempt to eliminate plotter overlap as you move/resize plotter attributes

  • Added ability to copy a query to the clipboard which can be pasted into other applications – for example Excel


  • N-faced Polyhedra with per element variables will use much less memory than in 9.2


  • The option to subdivide the n-faced polyhedra with a more robust algorithm has been added as an option.


  • Structured volume rendering has been added.  Which is much faster and uses much less memory than the previous unstructured volume rendering feature in V9 (which still exists).  This is “game changer” for this feature.  If you tried it before but failed, due to not having the resources to run it, try it again using the box volume clip tool.

  • Direct support for volume rendering of block structured rectilinear grids

  • Option to use the clip feature using the Box tool to create a structured block for volume rendering through unstructured grids


  • CeiShell now has a console window to collect error messages coming form the EnSight servers as well as the ability to use VPN to jump through multiple communication hops.


  • Added the Sandia element metric math functions for evaluating mesh quality


  • Gradient, Divergence, Curl and Vorticity are now calculated differently for per-element variables in order to fix some bugs in the calculation of these values. First, the input variable is converted to nodal and then the value is calculated, then the result is moved back to the elements.  You can get the same result in 9.2 by first moving your per-element input variable to the nodes using ElemToNode and then using one of these calculator functions, then moving the result back to the elements using NodeToElem.


  • The Keyframe animator has a VCR button interface for playing and a slider for displaying a specific frame of the animation.


  • Added the user defined tool for evaluating sum of forces and moments to the calculator


  • Ability to create groups in a hierarchical fashion.  Part groups as before.  But can also have groups of other entities such as variables, annotations, etc.


  • User defined tools written as panels can be docked in the EnSight user interface.


  • The Maximum number of concurrent Cases is now 32.  Up from 16


  • The Maximum length of a variable name is now 50 characters – up from 20


  • The old Flow3d reader from 8.2 is no longer in the release and is replaced by the newer, and more capable Flow3d Multiblock reader, which is not support on the Mac. To visualize Flow3d data on the Mac, run the client on your Mac and the server on Linux or Windows.



Incompatibilities and current limitations


  • Large part counts (> 1000) are updating the Parts list somewhat slower than in 9.2.

  • As is usually the case between major releases, archive files are not compatible between V9 and V10

  • Scenario files remain backwards compatible

  • The grouping capability is completely different in V10 vs. older versions.  Unfortunately this means that command and context files that use part groups will fail to restore in V10.

  • In earlier releases it was possible to use a grouped part as an emitter for particle traces.  This is currently not possible (initial release of V10) but will be fixed soon.

  • The creation of unstructured parts based on the iblank values for plot3d datasets has been removed.  If you need this capability please let us know.  The work around is to create the iblankvalues scalar in the calculator and use this variable to create an isosurface

EnSight 10.0.3b Release Notes

EnSight 10.0.3b is now available for download

EnSight 10.0.3b has been released.  You may download it now.

EnSight 10.0.3b is a bug fix release not focused on adding new capabilities.


New or Major Capabilities Added

The style manager now includes width/height as part of the copied style for legend attributes.  This allows you to exactly recreate legends.

In this version of EnSight we also added support for zSpace desktop VR devices.

New, Barracuda reader.  Barracuda is a CFD solver which specializes in particle-flow coupled problems like catalytic crackers. Barracuda is frequently used in the petrochemical CFD market.


Data Readers


These readers have been improved.

ABAQUS ODB reader fails to load nodal parts
ABAQUS ODB reader response to unknown elements is incorrect
CGNS Reader could not handle (potentially) large connectivity array reads
CGNS reader cannot recover from not being able to open a non-existant or inaccessible file
EnSight Case file reader is not reading constant values
ExodusII reader slowly and inaccurately queries node id value over time
ExodusII reader ignored Read Detected XML File Option
FLOW-3D reader cannot read files without both read and write permission to the file
FLOW-3D data isovolume could cause a server crash
GMV reader has per part variables and has assigned them incorrectly
GMV reader cannot recover from not being able to open a non-existant or inaccessible file
LS-Dyna reader sometimes gets stuck while reading a d3plot file
OpenFOAM reader crash


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

2734EnSight ClientAnimation: crashing of EnSight Server while creating animationAnimation
2803EnSight ClientAcceleration for keyframe animation issueAnimation
2821EnSight ClientKeyframe animation commands at keyframes does not show properlyAnimation
2990EnSight ClientFlipbook progress bar wrong for certain flipbook typesAnimation
2991EnSight ClientFlipbook play controls not updatingAnimation
3036EnSight Client3D line annotations can be drawn in the annotation planeAnnotation
3043EnSight ClientClient crash when processing long annotation stringsAnnotation
3044EnSight ClientDate annotations cause a crash on machines with non-english locale and representationsAnnotation
2960EnSight ClientDefault annotation legend info defined in .ensight100/ensight_annot_items.def is brokenAnnotation
2813EnSight ClientCalculate a variable which is coordinates Z on second part and selects two partsCalculator
2824EnSight ClientCalculator incorrectly re-selecting parentsCalculator
2867EnSight ClientCalculator: elemtonode calculator parsing errorCalculator
2879EnSight ClientComputing Constant highlights more parts than originally selectedCalculator
2985EnSight ClientStat calculator functionsCalculator
3062EnSight ClientCalculator doesn't allow numbers to be specified for UDMF argumentsCalculator
2761EnSight ServerMax or Min query of StatMoment over time produces bad valuesCalculator
2832EnSight ServerSwirl Calculator function crashCalculator
2902EnSight ServerCalculation of the constant doesn't update when elements of a static geometry failCalculator
2735EnSight ClientCases: loading a second case does not honor groups from the first caseCases
2811EnSight ClientA window keeps popping up when doing replace caseCases
2858EnSight ClientLoading Parts in first case causes EnSight to crashCases
3005EnSight ClientCrash replacing a caseCases
2995EnSight ServerServer from second case crashes on quitCases
2755EnSight ClientServer element counts available on the client were incorrect in some casesClient-server
2743EnSight ClientPart revolution clip always infinite?Clips
2770EnSight ClientCut plane bugClips
2797EnSight ClientBug in clip dialog -- can't enter plane tool coordsClips
2841EnSight ClientIJK Clips through Multiple Part Problem(s)Clips
2845EnSight ClientThe first right click on a part to create an x clip fails to create a part.Clips
2857EnSight ClientClips of clips causing EnSight to crashClips
2868EnSight ClientIJK clip stepper buttonsClips
2873EnSight ClientMin max and step all initialize to zero on clip plane dialogClips
2877EnSight ClientDragging an x clip failsClips
2878EnSight ClientIJK clip should be disabled for unstructured dataClips
2889EnSight ClientQuadric clip Inside and Outside behave opposite of their namesClips
2908EnSight ClientRestore context file, delete parts then try to create an IJK clipClips
2911EnSight ClientClip Plane Creation IssuesClips
2912EnSight ClientClips: xyz x clip zeros out the min max stepClips
2914EnSight ClientClip being created with value == -1#IND000.E+000Clips
2934EnSight ClientCrash creating a VOF clipClips
2938EnSight ClientVOF clips not properly saved in context fileClips
3058EnSight ClientChangine IJK clip Step values does not work (defaults back to 1)Clips
2747EnSight ServerProblem with query of ijk over time for transient plot3d modelClips
2830EnSight ServerCrinkly Clip surfaces incorrect ColoringClips
2907EnSight ServerEnSight crashes on reading in IJK clipClips
2746EnSight ClientCommands: 'data: reader_option' command language could be ignored...Commands
2749EnSight ClientCommands: Loading datasets with 'queries' resulted in invalid command language generationCommands
2767EnSight ClientCommands: Playback of 'play:' commands skipped a line in batch modeCommands
2801EnSight ClientQt GUI dialog still tries to pop-up when error encountered in batch mode.Commands
2860EnSight ClientCommand language for selecting the viewport is ignoredCommands
2896EnSight ClientNo command language recorded for RMB change background to image menuCommands
2919EnSight ClientThe recording of command language for setting attributes on default parts in Python was wrongCommands
2920EnSight ClientCommand language missing for palette selectionCommands
2937EnSight ClientView Restore in script not workingCommands
3019EnSight ClientCommand file playback for viewport testing, Right Mouse Click operation pops up dialog and displays Python exceptionCommands
3026EnSight ClientViews dialog pops up from Right Mouse Click menu command playbackCommands
3031EnSight ClientContext crashCommands
3053EnSight ClientCommand languge for setting plotter attributes can crash with long stringsCommands
3032EnSight ClientContour crashContours
2736EnSight ClientEnliten File and View Restore causing EnSight to crashEnLiten
2950EnVideo/Applications/EnVideo100.app just quitsEnVideo
2982EnSight ServerProblem extruding a partExtrude
2900EnSight ClientEnSight could incorrectly interpret resource filenamesGeneral
2760EnSight ServerServer crashes when using sub-ranges of structured parts and scaling coords by a variableGeneral
1663EnSight ClientGraphics: Rendering issue vs volume renderingGraphics
2781EnSight ClientThe E1002(h) Client has an 'Exception Exit' when you try to put an image in the background.Graphics
2789EnSight ClientUpdate of Query during Touch-n-go is goofyGraphics
3018EnSight ClientIsosurface created from a volume rendered parent, when colored by a variable displays incorrectlyGraphics
2927EnSight ClientENS_OBJATTR schema were ignored on group objectsGroups
2732EnSight ClientPoor flipbook slider actionGUI
2739EnSight ClientPolishing the Create Extruded Parts dialogGUI
2745EnSight ClientOn Windows, the VOF dialog could hang when selecting a variableGUI
2748EnSight ClientFED clip movement buttons could get stuck after using the sliderGUI
2753EnSight ClientGUI: Tool Location Editor Failing to show upGUI
2766EnSight ClientGUI: Quick action icon bar issueGUI
2782EnSight ClientThe Quick Action Icon Bar displays the wrong icons.GUI
2814EnSight ClientFirst variable in list is inadvertently activated when I size nodes by a variableGUI
2834EnSight ClientSpelling MistakeGUI
2863EnSight ClientAnimation settings button does not bring the trace animations settings dialog to the frontGUI
2866EnSight ClientThe palette editor is missing large portions of contentGUI
2876EnSight ClientGUI: color dialog opacity, diffusivity, and wonky memory bashesGUI
2891EnSight ClientElevated surface color by pulldown not connectedGUI
2892EnSight ClientColor dialog does not match FDE advancedGUI
2928EnSight ClientClicking on the color dialog causes the model part editor to pop upGUI
2983EnSight ClientFile -> Open dialog gets in bad state if a file fails to openGUI
2987EnSight ClientFlipbook slider bug with "linear load"GUI
3001EnSight ClientEnSight will crash on loading a new dataset if the FED is open to a computed partGUI
3015EnSight ClientIsosurface min/max/midrange values are bogusGUI
3055EnSight ClientAnnotation edit dialog jumps between panels if a creation attribute is changeGUI
3056EnSight ClientProblem of Edit being toggled on instead of Create when first creating annotatonGUI
3057EnSight ClientSpecifying a starting time > 10 truncates to 1 under Time Options tab in Open... dialogGUI
3009EnSight ClientViewport FED is editing the selected viewport instead of the one marked for editGUI
3027EnSight ClientCan't create isosurface if I deactivate the variableIsosurfaces
2939EnSight ClientVOF isosurface generation crashes with bad variable specifiedIsosurfaces
2737EnSight ClientIsoVolume creation causing EnSight crashIsoVolume
3065EnSight ClientLicense Error reporting with using DesktopLicense
2835EnSight ClientMac num slices and delta fields cause value field to reset to 2e+19Mac
2844EnSight ClientMac plot dialog resizes every time I make an entryMac
2849EnSight ClientEdit preferences performance font is unreadable on macMac
2851EnSight ClientEdit preferences plotter font problems on macMac
2852EnSight ClientEdit preferences query font problems on macMac
2903EnSight ClientFont problem on the macMac
2757EnSight ClientInvert Colors on Color PalettePerformance
2777EnSight ClientInverse Text EntryMisc
2925EnSight ClientPlane tool always invisible unless some other part is visiblePlane
3034EnSight ClientChanging the plane tool normal can result in it changing to NaN valuesPlane
2750EnSight ClientPlot text extending outside the borderPlotting
2751EnSight ClientQuery: adding more than two queries to a plotterPlotting
2752EnSight ClientEditing plotter sometimes resets legend positionPlotting
2897EnSight ServerStarting with Earclip_Nfaced=0 (centroid) preference will crash serverPolyhedra
2828EnSight ClientPOVRAY outputPOVRAY
2850EnSight ClientEdit preferences viewport font problemsPreferences
2853EnSight ClientEdit preferences image saving font problemsPreferences
2744EnSight ClientQuery: EnSight client could crash when creating a queryQuery
2831EnSight ClientQuery max over time allows selection of only one variableQuery
2862EnSight ClientRight-click color by fails to color a particle trace by velocity variableRight-click
3003EnSight ClientRight Mouse Click on animated trace produces Python Exception for ValueSliderRight-click
3011EnSight ClientRight Mouse Click->Send to EnVe for a viewport produces Python exceptionRight-click
3040EnSight ClientUse Right Mouse Click to delete a part, Ctrl-right-click brings up a blank Part menu, choose item and Python exceptionRight-click
2759EnSight ClientStreamlines: Pathline creation fails on Windows 10.0.2hStreamlines
2869EnSight ClientStreamlines: creating a surface restricted streamline causes GUI to go blankStreamlines
2885EnSight ClientNode track bugsStreamlines
2773EnSight ClientThe client could crash when geometry changed over time w/elemental variablesTransient
2785EnSight ClientTimestep Incorrect and Analysis_Time incorrectTransient
2893EnSight ClientUsing a udmf with large amounts of descriptive text could crash the clientUDMF
2894EnSight ClientUsing a udmf with more parameters than current variables could crash the clientUDMF
3061EnSight ClientUDMF causes updates to other variablesUDMF
2802EnSight ClientError creating a vector arrow part using the Surface Normal, if the part has no other vector varsVectors
2833EnSight ClientTangential Vectors not TangentialVectors
2854EnSight ClientFeature Panel Vector arrows has disabled fieldsVectors
2855EnSight ClientCannot displace vector arrows by a vectorVectors
2951EnSight ClientCurved vector arrows crash the ClientVectors
3039EnSight ClientVector arrow Right Mouse Click continues to say "Hide" after already hiddenVectors

Known Issues (Fixed in Next Version)


The following are issues which have been fixed already in 10.0.3c.  This is just a current status and not a final status of things in 10.0.3c.

3072EnSight ServerBL_VelocityAtEdge values not correct, does not average-out contributions from each cell by number of cells contributing
3075EnSight ServerBL variables supplied with a PER_ELEM Velocity crash.
3076EnSight ClientClient leaks memory over time
3077ReadersABAQUS ODB variables moved to the Nodes doesn't match ABAQUS CAE
3084EnSight ClientServer can crash computing a surface restricted trace when measured parts are loaded...
3086EnSight ClientCommand language for frame mode manipulation is not recorded properly
3087EnSight ClientPalette editor opacity control incorrect in some cases...
3089EnSight ClientClient could crash changing the visibility of an annotation line
3095EnSight ClientFrame mode does save correct command language
3096EnSight ClientCase mapping failure when mapped from rotated 3D field onto 2d plane
3098EnSight ClientCurved arrow recompute when toggle in/out of hidden line
3092EnSight ClientFeature Editor pops up during playback of quick text creation
3099EnSight ClientCan't enter a constant value for free density and free velocity mag in BL_CfWall function
3107EnSight ClientPart constant query python tool doesn't get the last iso value