Video Tutorial: Using Visual Studio 2013 as a python debugger for EnSight

June FAQ – Python Debugger from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.

Using EnSight to Visualize Swirling Flow

Frequently, CEI employees come across interesting and potentially useful information while developing and testing EnSight that we think could be helpful to a subset of our users. We’ll present these mini tutorials here on our blog. If you are looking for basic tutorials or answers to specific questions please visit our support center.  As part of our testing […]

EnSight, easier Palette Editing Options

We’ve added three right click options related to EnSight palette editing. This is available in EnSight 10.1.2(a) or later. 1. Right click on the Legend and Edit the Palette. Right-click on Legend > Palette > Edit Palette 2. We’ve also added right click on Legend > Palette > Set Range to Part Min/Max which will […]

Wall Shear Stress Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to visualize the wall shear stress from a CFD calculation using EnSight. Tutorial Home, with sample data.

How to visualize 4D flow medical data in EnSight – tutorial 1

We added this video tutorial for EnSight 10 on how to visualize 4D flow medical data to our video tutorials page. In this first tutorial, we will illustrate how to get started with your medical data in EnSight. Starting with the “box” or outline view, this tutorial illustrates how to create a few Clip Planes through […]