Transitioning to EnVision and Created Flipbooks – May FAQs

Welcome back to EnSight’s Frequently Asked Questions series. If you have a question for the FAQ, email: These FAQs are meant for general information only. For more detailed support, please visit our support site. This month, we’ll explore transitioning from EnLiten to EnVision and sweeping a particle trace part using a flipbook. Transition from EnLiten to EnVision […]

Recapping EnSight’s 2016 Japan UGM

CEI Software K.K. was proud to host around 50 EnSight users to the Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo, Japan on November 4 for the annual Japan EnSight User Group Meeting (UGM). While at the event, users met to discuss their individual projects, collaborate on important engineering issues and learn about the latest EnSight news. Below are highlights from the meeting:

EnSight 10.2 and Nexus 

Mr. Anders Grimsrud from CEI Software discussed the future of products from the company, including:

  • EnSight 10.2, the next major update of EnSight, which will feature faster processing speeds, improved graphics performance and a host of other new features to improve the post-processing of your simulation data EnSight 10.2 is set for release in 1Q 2017.
  • Nexus, the newest product from CEI Software, was presented. Nexus is a browser-based hub for  engineering data scalable for individual users, teams or entire organizations. Nexus is set for release in 2017.


Two EnSight users presented use cases for EnSight:

  • Mr. Kota Hariva from Institute of Industrial Science from the University of Tokyo presented a proprietary FEA solver using an evaluation of a high pressure hydrogen tank.
  • Mr. Hitoshi Minemoto from Fuji Xerox presented a case study of the simulation of flow of developing powder.


One of the highlights of any UGM is learning new and innovative ways to solve problems using EnSight. Mr. Yasuyuki Matsuno from CEI presented techniques for automation and other useful information for EnSight users in Japan.


Following the sessions, attendees were welcome to network with other users, and discuss products from exhibitors, including:

  • MSC Software Japan – demonstrated collaboration between MSC products and EnSight
  • Fujitsu Limited – discussed virtual reality displays using zSpace

If you were unable to attend this year’s Japan UGM, stay tuned to this space for news and updates from EnSight. We’ll be exploring elements from the UGM, including deep dives into EnSight 10.2 and the launch of Nexus in the coming weeks and months. We’ll hope to see you at a User Group Meeting soon!

EnSight for Virtual Reality

Few topics in the world of digital media are drawing more attention than virtual reality these days. With companies like Oculus Rift and Canon developing virtual and mixed reality headsets that push the bounds of what is possible from displays, and Sony and Samsung launching affordable VR options, it’s the perfect time for another look at how […]