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Contact CEI (marketing@ensight.com) if you are a team that will offer a Hyperloop Pod design in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. CEI will provide a complementary license of EnSight to assist in the aerodynamics post-processing and visualization or structural analysis post-processing and visualization.
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EnSight Python scripting with a debugger

Customers using EnSight with Python want to use a debugger to help develop their scripts and tools.

Below is and attachment describing how to do this with a debugger (winpdb) that has a graphical user interface.
In attachment, there are the instructions on how to install and setup this graphical debugger. It works on all platforms (Win / Linux / Mac). In attachment, also a screenshot movie of what you should see once everything is set up correctly.

pythdebug0002 from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.

Basically, you’ll need to add 2 lines at the top of the python script you want to debug:

import rpdb2

Then, launch the script in EnSight. EnSight will freeze while it waits for the connection to the debugger. Outside from EnSight, launch the debugger winpdb. From its graphical interface, look for the process with the password “mytest” and attach it. Now you can run your script in debug mode from this graphical interface, and EnSight will do the calculations for you.
Here a tutorial on the debugger winpdb:

Although it is a little tricky to set up (requires installation of a bunch of libraries outside of EnSight). We hope this is clear and useful for some of you. Let EnSight Support know if you have questions.


Setting Up a Python Debugger with EnSight

Also see how to use Visual Studio 2013 as a python debugger for EnSight.