EnSight 10.0.2h Release Notes

10.0.2h now available, replaces 10.0.2g

10.0.2h has been released.  You may download it now.

10.0.2h is a bug fix release not focused on adding new capabilities.

The next version will be 10.0.3(a).   So 10.0.2(h) is the last version in the 10.0.2 series.


New or Major Capabilities Added



Data Readers

These readers have been improved. See the notes in the table below.







Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

productsummaryidtypeClient or Server
EnLitenWindows EnLiten missing some export image/movie file formats2528defect
EnSightAnnotation, edit defaults warning dialog presented when creating an annotation...2571defectEnSight Client
EnSightArchive restore problem(s)2659defectEnSight Client
EnSightArchive restore, attempt to modify a created part after an archive restore causes segmentation fault2665defectEnSight Client
EnSightArchive restore, related parts have wrong parent part tags after an archive restore2663defectEnSight Client
EnSightArchive restore, vector arrow parts not shown after archive restore2664defectEnSight Client
EnSightBox tool issue playing back a command to scale the box tool in X2549defectEnSight Client
EnSightCalculator combo boxes don't show inactive variables2641defectEnSight Client
EnSightCalculator interface problem when editing an expression2645defectEnSight Client
EnSightCalculator, casemap on computational symmetry instance parts doesn't work2631defectEnSight Server
EnSightCalculator, discrepancy between Vol calculation and StatMoment of EleSize2537defectEnSight Client
EnSightCalculator, errors calculating a UDMF function with SOS2696defectEnSight SOS
EnSightCalculator, Extended CFD variables, client crashes while using extended CFD variables2676defectEnSight Client
EnSightClip planes of Converge Npoly cells decomposed convex or concave have holes.2555defectEnSight Server
EnSightClip planes, box clip Inside not working correctly2643defectEnSight Server
EnSightClip planes, crinkly clip with n-faced polyhedrons2544defectEnSight Client
EnSightClip planes, sequential creation of plane cuts (domain=in/out) does not reproduce through saved command language.2642defectEnSight Client
EnSightClip planes, server crashes on time update if variable is computed after a clip is created2728defectEnSight Client
EnSightConfiguration files that end in a comment line without a trailing NL character can hang EnSight2582defectEnSight Client
EnSightContext does not restore properly of a box clip of a plane clip extract2638defectEnSight Client
EnSightContext files generated from overflow datasets do no record DOMAIN selections2531defectEnSight Client
EnSightContext files with contour parts lose track of transparency with keyframing2667defectEnSight Client
EnSightContext restore, loading data, crash on EnSight exit after context restore between dataset loads...2675defectEnSight Client
EnSightDR Clients require an accepted license agreement2654defectEnSight Client
EnSightDrag and Drop not working2557defectEnSight Client
EnSightElevated surfaces, Filter elements on 2d model part does not affect elevated surfaces2536defectEnSight Server
EnSightElevated/offset surface, creating elevated (offset) surface causes crash2619defectEnSight Client
EnSightExport > Geometric Entities incorrect2580defectEnSight Client
EnSightGrouping from part loading does not place parts in the new groups2530defectEnSight Client
EnSightIsosurfaces, cannot set Delta value in Create Isosurfaces dialog to < 1.02546defectEnSight Client
EnSightIsosurfaces, crash - corrupted stack - when making > 64 isosurfaces2547defectEnSight Client
EnSightIsosurfaces, unable to set the isosurface delta once one isosurface has been created2670defectEnSight Client
EnSightKeyframe animation, acceleration features for keyframe animation not working2691defectEnSight Client
EnSightKeyframe animation, camera does not focus plane tool during keyframe animation2604defectEnSight Client
EnSightKeyframe with moving clip plane fails to save scenario properly2705defectEnSight Client
EnSightLegend resets each timestep2545defectEnSight Client
EnSightLegend widgets for height and width do not work2563defectEnSight Client
EnSightLinux installation, missing library in Linux build of (f)?2558defectEnSight Client
EnSightLogos, failure to Load JPEG file in as Logo into EnSight2579defectEnSight Client
EnSightMac, bad translation of a menu under Linux and OSX2569defectEnSight Client
EnSightMac, EnSight start process hanging on MAC2574defectEnSight Client
EnSightMac, format options toggles and pull downs and fields section too small on Mac2597defectEnSight Client
EnSightMeasured parts, double-click or Right-click Edit... of Measured parts does not open the Model Parts feature panel.2581defectEnSight Client
EnSightMulti-case, deleting a part from one case and then creating one in another results in a broken part2711defectEnSight Client
EnSightPalette editor, two Help buttons and two Apply buttons on Palette Editor dialog in 10.0.2(f)2535defectEnSight Client
EnSightPalette marker playback from command files2568defectEnSight Client
EnSightPalette, limit fringes2615defectEnSight Client
EnSightPalette, changing the palette with a predefined palette records invalid command language.2683defectEnSight Client
EnSightPart delete, server crash on multiple part delete2647defectEnSight Server
EnSightParticle traces, adding an emitter via Python can cause the emitter to be added to the wrong part2526defectEnSight Client
EnSightParticle traces, cyclic timeset option used for computing pathlines produces incorrect filenames2726defectEnSight Server
EnSightParticle Traces, Feature Panel can become wedged2666defectEnSight Client
EnSightParticle Traces, Feature Panel popping up2602defectEnSight Client
EnSightParticle Traces, massed particle traces, fluid density value does not update2578defectEnSight Client
EnSightParticle Traces, Massed, playing command language does not update GUI mass particle constants - but creates the mass trace.2566defectEnSight Client
EnSightParticle Traces, some laptops fail to run shuttle traces example properly from the welcome screen2613defectEnSight Client
EnSightParticle traces, streamlines in Nfaced (Converge) mesh exit flow field when traced in negative (-) direction2532defectEnSight Server
EnSightParticle traces, surface restricted parts not surface offset2575enhancementEnSight Client
EnSightPoint elements, create point elements when taking iso-surface of 1D-parts2657enhancementEnSight Server
EnSightPolyhedra, crash using centroid polyhedra2656defectEnSight Server
EnSightPreferences, error message on server when changing preferences2655defectEnSight Client
EnSightPreferences, missing command language2543defectEnSight Client
EnSightPreferences, error when setting legend annotation color preference2527defectEnSight Client
EnSightPreferences, UDI (and other) preferences ignored2601defectEnSight Client
EnSightQuery "At 1D part over distance" GUI problems2533defectEnSight Client
EnSightQuery, EnSight 10 query display missing information from 9.2 version2658defectEnSight Client
EnSightQuery, operate on existing queries --- operate on X-axis values2560enhancementEnSight Client
EnSightRegion selector, right-mouse button menus on the region selector tool are not displayed...2714defectEnSight Client
EnSightRubberband zoom command language does not replay correctly in 10.0 and 10.12652defectEnSight Client
EnSightScenario files, replaying batch script that creates scenario file from EnSight 10, does not include all parts as does replaying it from EnSight822588defectEnSight Client
EnSightScenario files, restoring from a session and saving an EnLiten scenario file loses the coloring2715defectEnSight Client
EnSightSeparation/attachment lines performance issue2620defectEnSight Client
EnSightSession File Save Errors not handled correctly2540defectEnSight Client
EnSightShading, EnSight client could crash if smooth shaded parts became empty over time2721defectEnSight Client
EnSightSubset parts, element edges not displayed for subset parts of triangle meshes2573defectEnSight Server
EnSightTest: commands not saved/restored from context files2660defectEnSight Client
EnSightTime, if parent part has changing connectivity, changing time step crashes server2689defectEnSight Server
EnSightVolume rendering, Failure when using structured volume rendering2551defectEnSight Client
EnSightVolume rendering, structured, crash with structured volume rendering + isovolume of a created nodal variable2548defectEnSight Server
EnVideoMTM, .MTM files with specific single image/frame UDILs could crash EnVe or EnVideo2630defect
EnVideoPlayback, attempting to play Stereo EVO file = > video crash + blue screen death2703defect
ReadersAbaqus ODB Analytical Rigid Surfaces of REVOLUTION type sometimes roll in wrong direction2724defect
ReadersAbaqus ODB Analytical Rigid Surfaces with CIRCLE segments fail2681defect
ReadersCAD reader could fail with some formats on 64bit Windows2572defect
ReadersDytran Reader not working2633defect
ReadersFlow3D Area Fraction variable incorrect in data solved by Flow3D 10.12609defect
ReadersFlow3D Invalid per element Velocity_Restart v value in first element.2577defect
ReadersFlow3D particle data fails to load2607defect
ReadersFlow3D Static STL fails to load when Particles are loaded2590defect
ReadersFluent DAT files with multi-dimensional variables will read only one timestep2710defect
ReadersFluent error reading data2608defect
ReadersPreferences, .ensight100/ensight_reader_extension.map does not seem to override site_preferences file2694defect
RevealReveal does not handle Vector Arrow Part2627defect
RevealReveal vector arrow "normal" heads in Reveal2668defect
RevealReveal vector arrow cone shape colored by a variable not correct in Reveal2669defect
RevealReveal vector arrow problems2636defect
RevealReveal, animated Particle Traces -- missing head specification2628defect
RevealReveal, color Problems2626defect
RevealReveal, multiple legend displays in Reveal2629defect



Known Issues (Fixed in Next Version)

None yet, pending testing reports.

Attempting to Break the Land Speed Record with the Help of CFD

CEI, Pointwise and North American Eagle (NAE) will present a free joint webinar on the application of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) techniques toward breaking the land speed record on Wednesday, November 7th at 11:00 a.m. CST. The webinar will be hosted by Chris Sideroff from Pointwise, Darren Grove from NAE, and Kevin Colburn from CEI.

Metacomp CFD++ solution of the North American Eagle @ 700 MPH with design cycle 1 fairings. Composite image showing unstructured viscous mesh generated with Pointwise, overlaid by stream-wise velocity on ground & symmetry planes, vehicle surfaces colored by pressure and near surface streamlines using EnSight post-processing software.

Aerodynamics Engineer Darren Grove will show us how use of Pointwise for pre-processing, CFD++ from Metacomp Technologies for flow solutions, and EnSight from CEI for post-processing NAE improved the drag and stability characteristics of the NAE vehicle. Within the context of the overall goal of achieving 800 mph, this webinar will discuss how Mr. Grove used Pointwise and EnSight to help design aft suspension fairings to reduce overall drag on the NAE car while maintaining stability and control.

Techniques presented will include:

• Generating fast, repeatable, complex, viscous, unstructured meshes with T-Rex
• Employing CFD as a cost-effective tool to help an all-volunteer team attempt the world land speed record
• Challenges of designing a stable, low drag wheel system for a supersonic ground vehicle
• Efficiently extracting drag and stability information from a large number of calculations using EnSight

To register for the webinar, please visit https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/414913270

Chris Sideroff, Ph.D. – Technical Sales Engineer
Chris Sideroff joined Pointwise in September 2007 after working as a petroleum engineer for the NATCO Group, a CAD engineer for ARV Development, and a computer technician for Harddata Ltd. Dr. Sideroff earned both a B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta in 2000 and 2003. He earned a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University in 2009.

Kevin Colburn, – Sales Manager, CEI
Kevin Colburn joined CEI in March 2007 after working for 14 years in automotive, combustion and aerospace fields as a CFD engineer. Kevin’s background is as a CFD user utilizing a wide variety of tools and techniques in the utilization of CFD within real world design cycles. Kevin had 7 years experience using EnSight as a user before joining CEI. Kevin received his B.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic University in 1995.

Darren V. Grove , Aerodynamic Consultant, North American Eagle
Darren Grove holds a B.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland, and an M.S. in aeronautical engineering from the Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey CA. Specializing in CFD and design, with a strong background in wind tunnel and flight testing, and IT support, he is experienced in subsonic, transonic, and supersonic aerodynamics. Darren has over 18 years experience in CFD technologies and has worked on programs like the F/A-18E/F and Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) for the Naval Air Systems Command, and the Boeing 787, 777, 737MAX, and Open Fan Rotor programs. Currently Darren works within the Product Development group at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, analyzing performance on the next generation of aircrafts.

Computational Engineering International (CEI), Inc. develops and sells EnSight, the premier CFD post-processing and visualization software. EnSight can handle data from all the major CFD solvers including ANSYS FLUENT, STAR-CCM+, ANSYS CFX and OpenFOAM, as well as many neutral formats, such as CGNS, PLOT3D, and more.  EnSight offers extensive flow feature extraction capabilities and excellent support for transient and large models.  CEI offers a free version of EnSight, cleverly named EnSight Free, so that CFD engineers can adopt it at their own pace. And with free 3D viewers EnLiten and Reveal, users of EnSight can communicate and share CFD results with colleagues, managers, and customers easily and effectively. EnSight is a trademark of CEI, Inc.

Pointwise, Inc. is solving the top problem facing engineering analysts today — mesh generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The company’s Pointwise software generates structured, unstructured, and hybrid meshes; interfaces with CFD solvers, such as ANSYS FLUENT, STAR-CCM+, ANSYS CFX and OpenFOAM, as well as many neutral formats, such as CGNS; runs on Windows (Intel and AMD), Linux (Intel and AMD), and Mac, and has scripting languages that can automate CFD meshing. Large manufacturing firms and research organizations worldwide rely on Pointwise as their complete CFD preprocessing solution. More information about Pointwise is available at www.pointwise.com.

Pointwise is a registered trademark and Pointwise Glyph and T-Rex are trademarks of Pointwise, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owner.

The purpose of the North American Eagle™ Land Speed Program is to test the capability of a land based vehicle to safely transition through supersonic speed. The by-products of this challenge have the potential to impact high-speed rail, ground effects of high-speed aircraft in the landing configuration as well as deceleration methods utilized by high-speed vehicles. The fuels and lubricants utilized during the project are also significant. Materials used for the construction of the vehicle, and most importantly, the wheels, are critical to the project’s success. All phases of this project are continually measured against a risk factor. Above all, breaking a land speed record must not result in unacceptable risk to the driver, crew or spectators. The primary objective of the project is to break the current land-speed record of 763mph, currently held by the British, with the goal to get to 800mph.

Visit http://www.landspeed.com for more information.


Movie of the Month – September 2012


This month’s movie of the month was created from a simulation of an internal combustion engine (ICE).  The interesting feature is a clip plane which sits half-way between the top of the combustion dome and the piston face.


Mid-clip which moves with Piston from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.

The solver used in this case was Converge from Convergent Science Incorporated.

For more movies created from Converge data, see the collection below.

River Flooding, Tsunami and Groundwater Simulations

We’ve noticed a surge in interest in EnSight for visualizing flooding and other groundwater control simulations.

Yes, we do have translation routines for both River-FLO, FLO-2D, MIKE21_FM, and MIKE21_Classic formats. These translation routines to convert these formats into EnSight Case Format, which can then be read into and visualized with EnSight.

Summary of the different translation routines on our Python Exchange Website:

You can find details about the different translation routines, some examples of aerial photo application onto the model, special time annotations, as well as a video tutorial showing one of the translation routines in action, as well as some of the fundamental benefits of utilizing EnSight for visualization of these types of river & flood tools.

You can also find on our gallery website some of the animations and engineering quantification of River & Flood simulation results using EnSight:


River Flood simulation. Simulation courtesy of Wood Rodgers, using MIKE21 Classic. Dataset read into EnSight, and visualized using EnSight 10. Keyframe animations, aerial photo texture mapping, isovolume calculation, graphs of the area effected over time, max depth, as well as profiles through the simulation.


This short animation illustrates the power of EnSight’s interactivity. In this video, we have first created a clip through the flood as a “cross-section”. We then graphed the depth along this cross section in the plotter. Next, the interactivity of EnSight now allows the user to interactively drag the cross-section to anywhere they would like, and the plot automatically updates instantaneously. Simulation results courtesy of Wood Rodgers.


Animation of the river flood event in EnSight. In this animation, we have used EnSight’s 3D arrow along with the interactive query of the max depth to illustrate to the user the dynamic location of the maximum depth as time develops. Simulation results courtesy of Wood Rodgers


Are you involved with River and Flooding simulations? Are there specific aspects to the simulation that you are trying to capture and illustrate? We’d like to hear more about this type of work and see where EnSight can help you analyze, visualize, and communicate those results.