CEIshell is some middleware that makes it easier for an EnSight user to use EnSight in an HPC environment or complex IT environment.


These days if you work in a big organization your CFD jobs are computed in a central server, how do you visualize your data?  Don’t move the data.  But if you don’t move it that means you have to get resources on the central server.   How do you get those resources? Through a queuing system?  With security?  Blah.  It becomes a problem just to do your work.   CEIshell is designed to help with this.   CEI support engineers and your IT team use CEIshell so that it sets up the resources to the central server, using the rules and systems of your IT system.  You stay compliant and secure – and your work becomes much easier.

Contact support at CEI for help implementing CEIshell or just to learn more about it.