EnSight is great for visualizing your CONVERGE simulation data from Convergent Science Incorporated (CSI).

Go here to download EnSight for Converge

Converge Tutorials using EnSight

See some examples below of movies made from EnSight and data from Converge.

EnSight offers very good visualization of Contour Plots and Volume Rendering of results in very few easy steps. Along with these good capabilities, it can handle much larger data without any problem. Visualizing the data with remote access to the dataset places on server eliminates the necessity of downloading the large sized files to the local system & EnVision, the 3D viewer is very useful when it it required to share / carry the results in limited sized files.

Sourabh Deshpande
Application Engineer for CONVERGE CFD

Converge bundles in EnSight Desktop for Converge.

Optionally you can upgrade to EnSight Standard for Converge, explained below.