Direct Access to Downloads

Dear EnSight Customers,

Direct access to the EnSight downloads has been turned off from this website.

We are working to restore access via the standard ANSYS customer portal. And when that is ready we will update this post.

At the moment, you can install EnSight as part of the ANSYS R 19.0 package. Please run the ANSYS R 19.0 installer that you can download from the customer portal here.

From ANSYS R 19.0, you can run EnSight as a stand-alone product by calling the executable

On Windows:
C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v190\CEI\bin\ensight102

On Linux:

(or where you placed the R19.0 installation). Please keep in mind that on Linux you will need to first set the environmental variable AWP_ROOT190 to point to the installation directory – in this example, AWP_ROOT190=/usr/local/ans_inc/v190

If you want to get the installers for EnSight as a stand-alone product, please contact the Ansys support team.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


CEI, Inc.

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