Direct Access to Downloads

Dear EnSight Customers,

You can install EnSight both as part of the ANSYS suite, or as a stand-alone product. In the first scenario, please install the ANSYS suite and you will find EnSight in the ANSYS Inc\vxxx\CEI directory. The ANSYS suite can be downloaded from the ANSYS customer portal.

If you wish to install EnSight as a stand-alone product, you can access its installers (and the installers for the legacy license manager system slim8) from this page.

In either situations, you will need to know your ANSYS Customer ID in order to access the installers page. If you do not know it, please fill out the form at this link to have the Customer ID sent to you.

You can access the installers for EnVision, the 3D viewer, from this page. Note that there is no need to sign-in into the ANSYS portal for these installers.