Current Release Version is:  EnSight 10.2.3(c) announced January 2018.

Contact Support if you need help with an earlier version of EnSight.

If you are not already a licensed customer you will need to get a trial license, the downloaded software requires a license key.

EnSight Download Link


The EnSight download links, above, contain all of these products:

  • EnSight
  • Viewers:  EnVideo, EnVision
  • Video Editor: EnVe
  • License Manager: Slim


Your license key needs to have a valid maintenance date. Please check the maintenance date of your license key, and compare it to the dates below, to make sure you can use later versions of the software, or contact CEI to keep your software under a maintenance agreement.

10.0.2(i) – released Nov. 30, 2012 set the maintenance date to 1/1/2011
10.0.3(a) – released 1/8/2012 set the maintenance date to 1/1/2012
10.0.3(j) – released June 5, 2014 set the maintenance date to 1/1/2013


The links below have just specific parts, for non-EnSight users.