EnSight 10.0.2d Release Notes (also covers 10.0.2c)

10.0.2d now available, replaces 10.0.2c

In version 10.0.2c some testing by staff revealed a problem with EnSight appearing to hang. That has been fixed in 10.0.2d.

Also fixed in 10.0.2d is a problem observed on the Mac for some users with context files.

So these release notes cover both 10.0.2d and 10.0.2c changes.

10.0.2d has been released.  You may download it now.


New or Major Capabilities Added

EnSight Free. EnSight Free is as the name suggests, a version of EnSight which costs nothing.  It can read data for both CFD and FEA data readers and has the same GUI as EnSight Standard, Gold, and DR.  It is limited in the following ways similar to how EnSight CFD Free was limited (model size, water mark in the graphics area, no batch, no client-server, and no royalty video file formats for exporting).   EnSight Free replaces EnSight CFD Free.  So now FEA users are no longer prevented from using our Free version, and CFD users are now able to use the same GUI as found in our more powerful and popular EnSight 10 version.

EnSight Desktop. EnSight Desktop offers the least expensive version of EnSight for models of unlimited size.  EnSight Desktop uses the same EnSight 10 GUI as EnSight Standard, Gold, and DR.  EnSight Desktop supports data from both CFD and FEA data readers.  EnSight Desktop replaces EnSight CFD Paid version and EnSight Lite.   Even though EnSight Desktop is more capable than EnSight CFD Paid or EnSight Lite, CEI has chosen to offer it at the same low price as these products it is replacing.

Installation without ADMINISTRATOR Privileges.  EnSight on Windows no longer requires Administrator privileges, making it easier for some sites to install.  In this release this capability is found in the tarball installation, in the download area  this is called  “8 – Advanced Install – All Platforms“.  In future releases the dedicated Windows installer may have this capability as well.

EnSight DR on Windows.   EnSight DR now runs on Windows.  So you can use multiple PCs each one connected to a separate projector to display on a Virtual Reality screen such as a CAVE or PowerWall.  You can also use EnSight DR on Windows for parallel rendering.  Tracking devices are also supported.

Japanese Menus and GUI.  EnSight 10.0.2c can switch to Japanese language menus, dialogs, and panels.  CEI Japan has worked many hours to translate the 1000’s of strings accurately to Japanese to make it easier to use EnSight.  Documentation has also been translated.


Data Readers

ABAQUS Reader – Analytical Rigid Surfaces improved

ANSYS Reader – Fixed creating the wrong element types

CGNS Reader – Fixed a reading problem

Fluent Reader – Improved parsing of .CAT and .DAT files and improved mole fraction variable reading

LS-Dyna Reader.  Now supports part names which are stored within the d3plot file (if available).  It also supports part names from the Material IDs (if available) for examples, “Mat ID 1”.  This is in addition to reading the .k file as past versions of the LS-Dyna reader have done.

STAR-CD improved particle track file .trk file reading


Generic Reader improvements for the following readers:

1. Optimizing for reading of large number of parts.
2. Added option to average to nodes, improved the process for midside nodes of quadratic elements.
3. Provided option to have averaging to nodes occur within parts, as opposed to globally across parts when nodes are shared across parts.

Autodyn (windows only)
SRDC Ideas
Tecplot Binary
Nastran OP2 (Beta)




Bug Fixes and Minor Changes


2297defectEnSight ClientStructure part loader is broken
2346defectEnSight ClientRight-click on LPart now pops up a dialog to pick a parent part.
2363defectEnSight ClientTrace animation settings are a pain to use with all animation stopping upon dialog display
2365defectEnSight ClientDouble-clicking an annotation item does not tag it with the pencil and when editing says nothing selected
2315defectEnSight ClientCrash if turn on limited redraw
2330defectEnSight ClientFeature panel brought up from keyframe or flipbook panel
2232defectEnSight ClientError Closing Volume Clip Feature Panel
2234defectEnSight ClientCrash in volume rendering when colored by vector variables
2236defectEnSight ClientRepeatedly opening the color dialog increases it's size
2237defectEnSight ClientCommand file replay fails with curves
2240defectEnSight ClientIssues with the display of part loader info
2246defectEnSight ClientCopy/Paste Transform amongst viewports does not record in command language.
2247defectEnSight ClientFix CEIShell output to EnSight Client logger window
2250defectEnSight ClientCreate ARS tool sometimes finds the wrong reference node for ABAQUS Analytical Rigid Surface
2251defectEnSight ClientData: replace could parse the file parameter incorrectly in some cases
2253defectEnSight ClientDatasets with long pathnames can crash the client in dataset query operations
2254defectEnSight ClientClicking on a variable in the calculator auto activates it
2255defectEnSight ClientThe 'data: format casesos' command could be misparsed in some situations
2258defectEnSight ClientDataset file dialog thinks it is on localhost when remote connection done
2264defectEnSight ClientCrash on part creation when tensor glyph is in parent list
2267defectEnSight Clientcei_apex30_py requires .pyc files to be created but if user doesn't have permission it fails
2269defectEnSight ClientUnary operators in expression functions with multiple parameter can cause the parser to fail
2272defectEnSight ClientPython legacy commands for text objects operate on FE selected objects
2278defectEnSight ClientEnSight could crash if a attempt was made to create a material interface part
2280defectEnSight Client10.0 uninstaller misses some files in $CEI_HOME/bin
2283defectEnSight ClientProblems getting EnSight components to connect on Windows
2288defectEnSight ClientLoad part dialog for Plot3D (shuttle data set) Defined min and Defined max settings not correct and produces bogus cmd language after creating part.
2290defectEnSight ClientCalculator pulldowns are too narrow for even moderate variable names
2291defectEnSight ClientLoading unstructured lparts does not follow dialog information
2292defectEnSight ClientSession File Restore Fails if user used "Select Parts to Load" originally
2293defectEnSight ClientKeyframe Quick Animation Presets not doing anything
2296defectEnSight ClientExporting scenario file to existing filename causes duplicate error message
2300defectEnSight ClientRight click on three queries > Make New plot fails
2301defectEnSight ClientRight click on three queries > Make New plot fails
2302defectEnSight ClientAlpha by Variable seems to be unplugged
2303defectEnSight ClientColor by gives Unhandled Python Problem
2305defectEnSight ClientRight click query over time incorrectly uses timestep for x axis
2306defectEnSight ClientTitle of the track item should be Python Exception Error when Coloring Part, and Legend Edit directing incorrect to Annotation Edit (rather than Legend Edit).
2313defectEnSight ClientElevated Surface with Use Surface Normal Crashes EnSight
2314defectEnSight ClientPlot/query attributes reset on timestep change
2316defectEnSight ClientProblem connecting EnSight components and/or CEIShell
2318defectEnSight ClientEnSight components may not terminate if communications is lost with other components
2320defectEnSight ClientQuery dialog not properly populated after command file playback
2326defectEnSight ClientQuery probe node and element missing field
2328defectEnSight ClientQuery Origin... hang
2329defectEnSight ClientAnnotation Preferences don't work correctly
2332defectEnSight ClientAdding points to a point part may cause a crash
2333defectEnSight ClientRemoving a column in a list view doesn't work
2334defectEnSight ClientState of Particle Trace Part FED incorrect
2338defectEnSight ClientDefault Format Options for OpenFOAM cause subsequent load crash
2339defectEnSight ClientUser's data directory preference ignored when using CEIShell
2340defectEnSight ClientAnnotation Fonts out of sync
2341defectEnSight ClientUsing the volume rendering ele rep pop-up to color unstructured volume by a color
2348defectEnSight ClientCommand language is not generated for annotating fon change
2355defectEnSight ClientLoading LParts with grouping on only loads first part under the group
2356defectEnSight ClientFED for Clips is incorrect additional "Clip Parameter" section if Clip != XYZ
2358defectEnSight ClientZooming in muliple linked viewports problem
2359defectEnSight ClientDrag-n-drop and also File->Open->Double-click .case file shows nothing in graphics window
2362defectEnSight ClientThe OpenGL widget on the FE's General pane doesn't draw correctly on the Mac
2239defectEnSight ClientUNC paths do not work in the EnSight File->Open browser
2244defectEnSight ClientSpacemouse ignoring viewport linking
2245defectEnSight ClientOpening tool/transform dialog via 'tool location editor...' always toggles cursor on if no tool is visible..
2248defectEnSight ClientText annotation in How To wrong
2252defectEnSight ClientWhen running -smallicons, Customize Feature Toolbar lacking most content
2259defectEnSight ClientLegacy option no longer applicable "-sc"
2270defectEnSight ClientNo mechanism to resolve .map file conflicts
2271defectEnSight ClientCEIShell Logger still not working
2276defectEnSight ClientTimeset dialog resizes as I pick different timesets on the mac
2298defectEnSight ClientStyle manager buttons cut off on mac
2307defectEnSight ClientKeyframe animator Run to/from subframe not working correctly
2310defectEnSight ClientPlotter Axis Attributes & labels problems
2312defectEnSight ClientStructured Volume Rendering Vars incorrect if you load a new model
2321defectEnSight ClientWhen turn off auto axis scaling on the plotter y2 axis the labels might not show themselves
2322defectEnSight ClientWrong axis being edited on plot for format
2323defectEnSight ClientAuto axis scaling for two axis specified in the Axis specific tab
2324defectEnSight ClientLaunching of new server ignores Viewport Preferences
2325defectEnSight ClientPrefs: Notify before activating a variable does nothing
2343defectEnSight ClientRight Click on 2D Part has option to "Query over Time"... but does nothing
2350defectEnSight ClientRight Click is showing Queries where there are non visible
2342defectEnSight ClientThe Play Once/Loop/Cycle setting in Linux is not being respected
2349enhancementEnSight ClientExodus II reader updated to use library version 5.14
2354enhancementEnSight ClientLs-dyna d3plot sometimes has part names
2268enhancementEnSight ClientLinked viewports in the transformation editor and with space mouse
2277enhancementEnSight ClientRMB-View during keyframe animation
2235defectEnSight ServerRenaming variable legend name does not work via cmd language
2241defectEnSight ServerWriter (UDW) API blow up if pass elem number = 0
2289defectEnSight ServerEdge flag problem (cl/sv comm mismatch) when extracting a finite plane clip
2311defectEnSight ServerCan't do a 2D clip in-plane of a 2D domain
2265defectEnSight ServerObscure problem when creating a variable using mutliple timesteps in Abaqus
2335defectEnSight SOSCreating point parts while using SOS hangs
2364defectEnVideoEmbedded EnVideo doesn't work on windows
2229defectReadersAbaqus ODB Analytical Rigid Surfaces with CIRCLE segments improperly created
2231defectReadersAnsys reader creating wrong element types
2226defectReadersCGNS reading problem
2243defectReadersFluent reader CAS DAT parsing can fail in Quoted strings
2233defectReadersFluent reader mole fraction variables return nans and inf
2263defectReadersSTAR-CD f33toparticles translator from a version STAR-CD V4.16 trk file fails
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