EnSight 10.0.2g Release Notes

10.0.2g now available, replaces 10.0.2e

10.0.2g has been released.  You may download it now.  These release notes cover both 10.0.2g and earlier 10.0.2f release which was available to some customer/testers but never announced.

10.0.2g is a bug fix release not focused on adding new capabilities.


New or Major Capabilities Added

Reveal. Reveal now uses perspective when displaying geometry in stereo.

Japanese Menus and GUI.  EnSight 10.0.2g can switch to Japanese language menus, dialogs, and panels.  CEI Japan has worked many hours to translate the 1000’s of strings accurately to Japanese to make it easier to use EnSight.  Documentation has also been translated.


Data Readers

FLOW-3D Reader reads updated FLOW-3D data format.

FLOW-3D Reader works now even if ABAQUS reader (optional install) is not installed.


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

2447EnSight ClientShock surface fails to work with license obtained by the server
2452EnSight ClientCalculator Feature Editor sometimes resets the function selected.
2404EnSight ClientEnSight crash when deleting a particle trace part with FED open and editing that part
2499EnSight ClientDuplicate command language instances in creating an isosurface via the isosurface dialog
2399EnSight ClientStray user interface button for material parts
2400EnSight ClientMath Function UNDEFINED not available in 10.0
2405EnSight ClientIssues with command language generation and the Python Object API
2407EnSight ClientCrash of EnSight on second load through dataset with some data from certain data readers.
2409EnSight ClientOffset Surface with Normal Option seems to not correct offset
2410EnSight ClientError in image saving during command file playback
2412EnSight ClientSave Query to XY data broken
2429EnSight ClientQuery/plotting variables activated via the Extended CFD panel do not appear to work
2431EnSight ClientSpecific expressions leave the calculator dialog unusable
2436EnSight ClientMerged parts cannot be edited
2437EnSight ClientGeneric dialog item for selecting parts broken in 10.0
2440EnSight ClientSwitching to annot, plot/queries or viewports pops up edit dialog
2443EnSight ClientVariables preferences changed in 10 to offer variable searching, rather than variable hiding.
2446EnSight ClientMultiple parts right click adjust transparency only works for first part
2448EnSight ClientNo rendering refresh after preferences are restored on dataset open
2450EnSight ClientError in ctx file will display the command dialog in Free & Desktop
2453EnSight ClientPython exception when load basic crash session, right-click on var to plot max vs. time
2457EnSight ClientLoading LPARTS by group not consistent and won't play back
2458EnSight ClientRight click to change the background color does not appear to work
2460EnSight ClientTrace by "Node Tracking" button for "Use ALL nodes" does nothing
2462EnSight ClientPlayback of command language that modifies viewport attribs fails if a viewport is being editted
2465EnSight ClientFailure to restore a context file with multiple cases and SOS
2469EnSight Client"test: special xyz clip" causes a crash
2472EnSight ClientEnsight Free (or EnSight with an expired license) crashes in batch mode
2474EnSight ClientDeselecting all ProbeQuery variables (down to displaying just element id) does not restore correctly via cmd language
2475EnSight Clientarchive files restore but are unable to read data after restore
2476EnSight ClientInternational text could not be pasted into the Python built-in editor.
2479EnSight ClientExport geometric entities -- wrong command language recorded
2481EnSight ClientInitialization of Dedlg part dialogs cause attributes to be applied and commands to be written
2482EnSight ClientTool location by frame
2483EnSight ClientEdit markers for annotation
2484EnSight ClientViewport edit markers
2487EnSight ClientDropping a group onto a group which is a child of that group can cause a hang.
2488EnSight ClientToggling on Active mode with Displace Computationally (server-sided) displacements toggled on does not work
2490EnSight ClientEdit markers for annotations
2491EnSight ClientEdit markers for legends
2492EnSight ClientDial annotation issues
2494EnSight ClientProbe/Query XYZ fails to work on exodus data set.
2496EnSight ClientMultiple offset iso-surfaces do not get created as in 9.2.2 (or as multiple offset clips do)
2501EnSight ClientReverting reader defaults (without -no_prefs) did not always revert properly
2503EnSight ClientDuplicate command language when modfying structured part ranges
2504EnSight ClientStructured data limits in the FED are not updated properly when new data is read
2511EnSight ClientQuery marker doesn't change
2514EnSight ClientInteractive query right click on probe to set variable does not work
2515EnSight ClientContours visible makes one of the legs of the triad invisible
2517EnSight ClientCommand file with multiple animations makes client sick
2518EnSight ClientAttempting to change IsoVolume min or max value causes EnSight to crash
2520EnSight ClientCreating and playing keyframe animation crashes client
2299EnSight ClientRight click min and max
2403EnSight ClientMaking a new view hides the cursor tool
2423EnSight ClientPathline Animation is prematurely short (pathlines are correct length).
2425EnSight ClientInteractive query on single part
2442EnSight ClientKeyframe transient data settings always says 'Units are in steps'
2449EnSight ClientClient/server element counts 0 after archive
2500EnSight ClientSession file save/restore does not respect Elevated Surface options
2510EnSight ClientDisplay icon text and then click on objects tool bar messed up on Mac
2512EnSight ClientIn the Annotations Object View, if you select multiple Annotations (multiple Text Annotations in my example), and do a Right Click Delete... only one gets gets deleted. As you selected all of them, they should all get deleted.
2524EnSight ClientDeleting a point in the part points dialog does not cause the gfx window to refresh
2433EnSight Client"Welcome to EnSight" in Welcome Screen, and replaced instances of ensight.com with ceisoftware.com
2411EnSight ServerCrash creating isovolume of elemental vector variable...
2445EnSight ServerArchive of PLOT3d file read won't restore
2459EnSight ServerTimeset update problem with offscale measured and model time sets
2461EnSight ServerTime annotation governed by Continuous and Sim. Time settings does not display correct sim.time between time steps.
2470EnSight ServerMassed Particle ballistic Coefficeint (Cb) toggle/value does not work
2471EnSight ServerMassed particle Rebound max hits does not work (and no command language)
2477EnSight ServerIncorrect computation of MassFluxAvg
2485EnSight ServerVariable deactivation not clearing up dependent variables
2486EnSight ServerEnSight server could crash if a reader was passed a filename longer than 80 chars
2508EnSight ServerInside cylinder cut of measured particles causes error in 9.x and crash in 10.x
2441EnVEFilenames with more than 7 numbers
2419RevealReveal will not properly load a .csf file via drag and drop.



Known Issues (Fixed in Next Version)

2528defectEnLitenWindows EnLiten missing some export image/movie file formats
2526defectEnSight ClientAdding an emitter via Python can cause the emitter to be added to the wrong part
2527defectEnSight ClientError when setting legend annotation color preference
2530defectEnSight ClientGrouping from part loading does not place parts in the new groups
2531defectEnSight ClientContext files generated from overflow datasets do no record DOMAIN selections
2533defectEnSight ClientQuery "At 1D part over distance" GUI problems
2535defectEnSight ClientTwo Help buttons and two Apply buttons on Palette Editor dialog in 10.0.2(f)
2537defectEnSight Clientdiscrepancy between Vol calculation and StatMoment of EleSize
2540defectEnSight ClientSession File Save Errors not handled correctly
2544defectEnSight Clientcrinkly clip with n-faced polyhedrons
2546defectEnSight ClientCannot set Delta value in Create Isosurfaces dialog to < 1.0
2547defectEnSight ClientCrash - corrupted stack - when making > 64 isosurfaces
2549defectEnSight Clientbug playing back a command to scale the box tool in X
2551defectEnSight ClientFailure when using structured volume rendering
2557defectEnSight ClientDrag and Drop not working
2558defectEnSight Clientmissing library in Linux build of (f)?
2563defectEnSight ClientLegend widgets for height and width do not work
2566defectEnSight ClientPlaying Mass Particle cmd language does not update GUI mass particle constants - but creates the mass trace.
2568defectEnSight Clientpalette marker playback from command files
2572defectEnSight ClientThe CAD reader could fail with some formats on 64bit Windows
2574defectEnSight ClientEnSight start process hanging on MAC
2575enhancementEnSight Clientsurface restricted parts not surface offset
2578defectEnSight ClientMassed partilce Fluid density value does not update
2580defectEnSight ClientExport Geometric Entities incorrect
2581defectEnSight ClientDouble-click or Right-click Edit... of Measured parts does not open the Model Parts FDE.
2582defectEnSight ClientConfiguration files that end in a comment line without a trailing NL character can hang EnSight
2601defectEnSight ClientUDI (and other) preferences ignored
2602defectEnSight ClientFE popping up
2613defectEnSight Clienttraining laptops fail to run shuttle traces example properly
2543defectEnSight Clientmissing command language
2545defectEnSight Clientlegend resets each timestep
2560enhancementEnSight ClientOperate on Existing Queries --- operate on X-axis values
2561enhancementEnSight ClientCheckpointing trigger # of commands, rather than wall clock time
2579defectEnSight ClientFailure to Load JPEG file in as Logo into EnSight
2600defectEnSight Clientlimit fringes is cutting off geometry that seems like should be visible
2525defectEnSight ClientMarker Label Size
2532defectEnSight ServerStreamlines in Nfaced (Converge) mesh exit flow field when traced in negative (-) direction
2548defectEnSight ServerCrash with structured volume rendering + isovolume of a created nodal variable
2555defectEnSight ServerClips of Converge Npoly cells decomposed convex or concave have holes.
2536defectEnSight ServerFilter elements on 2d model part does not affect elevated surfaces
2577defectReadersInvalid per element Velocity_Restart v value in first element.
2590defectReadersFlow3D Static STL fails to load when Particles are loaded
2607defectReadersparticle data fails to load Flow3d
2609defectReadersFlow3D Area Fraction variable incorrect in data solved by Flow3D 10.1
2595enhancementReadersNine variables added to Flow3D reader




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