EnSight CFD Free has been replaced by EnSight Free as of June 2012 and version 10.0.2c of EnSight.

Feel free to use EnSight Fee for free. There are limitations like model size and some features. But academics, commercial, governments, etc. are all free to use EnSight Free if it suits their needs. The paid version, EnSight Desktop,  includes technical support, unlimited model size, and some small features. The main difference is unlimited model size and full support.

To get EnSight Free or EnSight Desktop, you need to register. So that we can at least let you know when there are new versions, and so that we can gauge our progress in spreading the word.

After registering you will be provided links to the downloads.
EnSight Free vs EnSight Desktop
The free version requires no license key but has limitations, see here for details

How to enjoy EnSight Free version
1) Download
2) Install
3) Enjoy

Try EnSight Desktop, free for 30 days:
After you have tried the free version if you would like to evaluate the EnSight Desktop then:
1) Download and install (you probably already did this)
2) Request a trial license key: EnSight > Trial Request
3) Select the license key file sent by CEI, named “slim8.key”, when prompted by the software. EnSight will place a copy of the key in the correct location for you. You can delete or move the original key file if you like.

Never need to worry, great for learning…
If your license key is for some reason no good for EnSight Desktop and above (for example it expired) , then EnSight will drop back to the EnSight Free version.

OKAY, take me back to the download page.

What is the difference between EnSight Free and EnSight Desktop, and others?
– Please see the page dedicated to this question.