Why Register FAQ

Why do we ask you to register?

We are spending a lot of time trying to make this the best post-processor in the world, and we need to know what they like, what they don’t like.

And when we have new versions, we need to efficiently let you know about those new versions. We can’t afford SuperBowl ads and prime time World Cup advertising.

If we have special offers, how would we tell you about them? How would we tell only the right segment of people like those who use a certain data format?

Our support system is most frequently using email, so its important to have a valid email address to send timely responses and track response quality.

What information do you ask for?

Your name. You like to be called by your name. Your email address. And a little information about yourself, so that we can better serve you. The less you tell us the less we can provide the best tool for you. Your information will not be shared with other companies, sold, or otherwise misused. You can decide if you want our email newsletter or not.  You can opt in or opt out of our newsletter.

Please call or email me. I’m still unsure but interested.