All the features of EnSight won’t fit on one page.

Lift/Drag Calculator
Quickly calculate the lift and drag on parts or the whole vehicle/model.
Highest Animation Quality
Customer movies have appeared on The Discovery Channel, Nova, and others
Feature Extraction
Vortex Cores
Boundary Layer
Volume Rendering
This changes how we look at data. Now see the data of the whole domain at one time.
Particle Traces
Oil Smears
Animated Traces
Interactive Rake and Plane
Share 3D Models
Your customers prefer 3D models over images and movies. We output to several 3D formats. EnVision has the most features.
Quickly compute commonly needed values. Area, Mass Flow Rate, Flux, ...
Animation Options
Whatever your favorite movie format we've got you covered with direct output to QuickTime, AVI, Flash, and more. And our ENVE editor adds conversions and movie editing features.
Plotting or Graphing
Plots or graphs are updated automatically in time and space. Change time to max a feature in the plot and graph.
Converge, CGNS, Fluent, OpenFOAM, Plot3D, Star-CD, Star-CCM+, and others.Reads all the important data formats in the CFD market including market leaders and specialty niche solvers. Including Fluent, Star-CD, EnSight Case, CFX, OpenFOAM and more.
Mac, Windows, and Linux
Runs on the the latest operating systems including Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Suse, Redhat, and more.