How to download your complementary EnSight license

Convergent Science Incorporated (CSI) sponsors licenses of EnSight Desktop to CONVERGE users. EnSight is the leading post-processor for CONVERGE data. We’ve combined the largest set of visualization tools with exceptional performance on any sized model to help you make the best possible decisions using your CONVERGE data.

Getting up and running with EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE is as simple as following these steps:

  • STEP 1: To get started click here to download a copy of EnSight. You’ll receive access to a no cost version of EnSight that can accept CONVERGE data and run basic visualizations.
  • STEP 2: Request a license key by clicking here. A support specialist will then be in touch with instructions for upgrading to EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE.

Please note: complementary EnSight Licenses for CONVERGE users can only read CONVERGE data. For full compatibility with other CFD solvers, consider updating to ANSYS EnSight

Unlock more features:

Upgrade to EnSight Standard

ANSYS invites all CONVERGE users to consider upgrading to our ANSYS EnSight, which allows users to load more than one model at a time, compare up to 32 results sets simultaneously, use multiple viewports and introduces batch scripting for automation of EnSight processes. Please contact us for more information about upgrading.

Tutorial video:

Getting Started with EnSight

Below is the first in a series of tutorials to get started with EnSight for CONVERGE. Please visit our support site for full documentations, and the rest of the tutorial series.