If you are a CONVERGE customer, EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE is included (bundled purchase by CSI) with your CONVERGE license. To receive your license of EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE follow the steps below. If you are not yet a licensed customer of CONVERGE please use this trial request form, so we can help you get started.

STEP 1.   DOWNLOAD EnSight for CONVERGE using the instructions on this page.    IT managers looking for just the license manager, should also follow those links and look at the bottom of the page for links to just the EnSight license manager. Install either EnSight or the License Manager.

STEP 2. Request your license key. You have two options.

1. Run EnSight, choose  “Request Key” and fill out the form to request the key.  EnSight will send the needed information. This option makes sense if you plan to run EnSight for CONVERGE on this computer.

2. Fill out the license key request form for your license key to EnSight for CONVERGE.  This option makes sense for IT managers just looking to install the EnSight slim8 floating license manager and license key.  Please fill out form accurately so we can better serve you.

Please note that CONVERGE 2.1 is required to write the compatible files for EnSight for CONVERGE.



Upgrade Information

We offer upgrades from EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE to EnSight Standard for CONVERGE. EnSight Standard for CONVERGE can load more than one model at a time, compare up to 32 result sets against each other, use multiple viewports, and perhaps most importantly use batch scripting including python to customize and automate EnSight.

The primary difference between EnSight Standard for CONVERGE and EnSight Standard, is that EnSight Standard for CONVERGE can only read CONVERGE data, the same goes for the difference between EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE and EnSight Desktop.

We offer 30 day evaluations of EnSight Desktop, EnSight Standard, EnSight Gold, and EnSight DR, but those should be obtained here.