For Those on the Frontier of Engineering Visualization

EnSight HPC allows scientists and engineers to analyze and visualize problems of a size and complexity impossible just a few years ago.

EnSight HPC replaces EnSight Gold and supports model sizes an order of magnitude larger than EnSight Gold could support. EnSight Gold had the feature known as Server of Servers (SOS) which was a distributed server architecture which uses a single level of servers to divide the model into manageable pieces. SOS scaled excellently for 10’s of billions of cells and 1000’s of processors.

But modern HPC-sized models might have 100’s of billions of cells and 10,000’s of processors. So CEI further divided the EnSight server architecture into another level and calls the new architecture Root Level Server of Servers (RLSOS).

EnSight HPC and its signature feature, RLSOS gives CEI the ability to handle real world HPC-sized models giving good performance and using the EnSight GUI common along the entire EnSight product line. EnSight HPC doesn’t ask you to predigest the data or pre-filter the data or copy the data from your compute server over the network, it works with your data where it was computed. Saving you valuable time, network bandwidth, and effort.

With EnSight HPC, intricate structures with many components (such as a jet engine) can be viewed from all angles and diverse vantage points.

With the capacity to handle models containing 100’s of billions of cells, EnSight HPC is able to handle the largest of datasets without moving or converting the data.

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EnSight HPC customers include:

  • Los Alamos National Labs (LANL)
  • Sandia National Labs (SNL)
  • Army Research Lab (ARL)