Bring Your Data Into the Real World

EnSight Virtual Reality (EnSight VR) is designed for visualizing your data through a variety of virtual reality devices such as CAVES and PowerWalls. Users wishing to visualize data on hardware such as CAVE or PowerWall will need EnSight VR’s best in class parallel post-processing features. This software package combines all of the outstanding features from EnSight Standard, with support for some of the most popular virtual reality systems on the market including the popular Oculus Rift headset VR device and Canon MREAL mixed-reality system.

EnSight’s virtual reality user interface allows presenters to customize the placement of key data throughout the visualization. Charts and other data points can be fixed within the virtual space, or move with the user, allowing you to create virtual environments that convey your data in an entertaining and informative way. Plus, with the ability to scale your model from actual to scaled sizes, you’ll be able to focus directly on the most important aspects of your simulation.

To learn more about the power behind EnSight VR, request a demo today. We’ll also give you access to our “CEI TED Talk” slideshow, which further explores the features and benefits of various hardware for EnSight VR.