EnSight 10.0.3e Release Notes

EnSight 10.0.3e is now available for download

EnSight 10.0.3e has been released.  You may download it now.

EnSight 10.0.3e is a bug fix release not focused on adding new capabilities.


New or Major Capabilities Added

In this version of EnSight we added support for reading CONVERGE’S modified EnSight Case formatted files.  Users of CONVERGE will want to contact Convergent Science (CSI) and receive a new version of CONVERGE which produces these files.  This is the first version supporting EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE and EnSight Standard for Converge, a variation of EnSight  which only reads the modified EnSight Case formatted files.  EnSight Desktop for CONVERGE is bundled with CONVERGE from CSI. More info.

EnSight will now be more explicit about when EnSight Free is being launched instead of one of the licensed EnSight versions. In the past if EnSight could not get a license for Desktop, Standard, or the others, then EnSight Free would be launched, this could confuse customers.  Now EnSight gives a warning about no licenses being available, the license key being expired, etc. and then offers to launch EnSight or abort EnSight.


Data Readers

These readers/interfaces have been improved. Please note that some readers were being disabled by an issue with the ABAQUS reader library.  This has been corrected.

ABAQUS ODB reader was setting the system locale which was breaking a number of readers
ABAQUS ODB reader was not matching the nodal values of ABAQUS CAE application
Fluent reader no longer fails when zone IDs do not match with a part, only warnings are issued
STAR-CCM+ TRK files with implicit time steps are now support by the translator.
Synthetic reader triangle elements, issue with nodal variables not being populated
Tecplot reader, ASCII block data was failing to read



Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

3265EnSight ClientContour vector component missing
3268EnSight ClientRight Click -- > Background -- > Edit wrong dialog is brought forward
3339EnSight Clientline annotation appears completely disconnected from dialog when accessed from right click edit.
3340EnSight ClientShapes appear disconnected from dialog when accessed from right click or double click > edit.
3071EnSight ClientError in command language generation - create a viewport and then transform the view
3073EnSight ClientSurface restricted particle traces loose visibility
3074EnSight ClientAfter creating vector arrows, changing from Projection all to tangential or normal yields same values.
3076EnSight ClientClient leaks memory over time
3084EnSight ClientServer can crash computing a surface restricted trace when measured parts are loaded...
3086EnSight ClientCommand language for frame mode manipulation is not recorded properly
3087EnSight ClientPalette editor opacity control incorrect in some cases...
3089EnSight ClientClient could crash changing the visibility of an annotation line
3091EnSight ClientPart attribute modifications for a rigid body transform part
3095EnSight ClientFrame mode does save correct command language
3096EnSight ClientCase mapping failure when mapped from rotated 3D field onto 2d plane
3098EnSight ClientCurved arrow recompute when toggle in/out of hidden line
3106EnSight ClientViewport dialog changes wrong viewports
3108EnSight ClientCalculator DOT product python fail
3109EnSight ClientPoints rendered at wrong depth when using Mesa on Linux
3113EnSight ClientEnSight/EnLiten/EnVideo/Reveal could crash at startup reading fonts
3115EnSight ClientSurface restricted particle traces can crash with n-faced element parents
3117EnSight ClientSurface normal vector arrows on very small parts
3118EnSight Clientvar.PRIVATE attribute not working for some variables?
3122EnSight ClientEmit at current time setting for multiple particle trace parts.
3123EnSight ClientTurning on node/element labels for a part with no geometry will hang the client to server communication
3125EnSight ClientFrame selection not being recorded in command language
3092EnSight ClientFED pops up during playback of quick text creation via commands.
3099EnSight ClientCan't enter a constant value for free density and free velocity mag in BL_CfWall function
3107EnSight ClientPart constant query python tool doesn't get the last iso value
2697EnSight ClientProblem recording command language for a text annotation that includes a constant var
3126EnSight ClientEditing a text string does not get recorded to command language
3134EnSight ClientInterface for generating all boundary layer variables is missing some options.
3137EnSight ClientEditing multiple parts changes names for all
3140EnSight ClientModel Parts Point to mesh not working in E10
3141EnSight ClientElevated surface update after restoring from a command file
3142EnSight ClientTangential arrows on elevated surface
3144EnSight ClientTwo cases with sequential time don't play properly
3146EnSight ClientProblems specifying token type or using -token_wait_for when using -batch
3149EnSight ClientIntegrate on query not respecting the selected query
3153EnSight ClientOn Linux isovolume not colored properly nor updating in flipbook
3154EnSight ClientBlack rendering window with specific part options
3157EnSight ClientFreezes during context saving with particle traces and a copy part
3162EnSight ClientVariable activation cmd not recorded for annotation constant
3177EnSight ClientBringing up Query Probe dialog from previous cmd language does not set all options in dialog
3179EnSight ClientEnSight 10.0.3 crashes when using CEIShell VPN
3189EnSight ClientProblem with part visibility of curved vector arrows after export to EnLiten
3190EnSight ClientMid-range of a clip of a part was not computed correctly.
3191EnSight ClientMultiple isosurfaces not deleted when variable deactivated
3196EnSight ClientClip of a clip fails
3201EnSight ClientGUI needs to simply and clearly communicate DATA end time and USER selected end time with transient data
3202EnSight ClientUltra-long skinny parts not visible after loading into EnSight.
3206EnSight ClientSaving a keyframe animation of a transient dataset fails
3230EnSight ClientSaving an image ignores the main viewport location
3242EnSight Client10.0.3(d) 2D Viewport broken?
3311EnSight Clientceistart101 takes a terribly long time to start up on mac
2793EnSight ClientBug exporting parts in a scenario that were never visible.
3257EnSight ServerPathline update fix
3072EnSight ServerBL_VelocityAtEdge values not correct, does not average-out contributions from each cell by number of cells contributing
3075EnSight ServerBL variables supplied with a PER_ELEM Velocity crashes EnSight.
3094EnSight ServerElemental variables are not defined on extruded parts
3116EnSight ServerUser defined math function doesn't update with time change
3133EnSight ServerCrash calculating flow when 2D and 3D parts are selected
3186EnSight ServerClip plane disappears upon time change after using it as emitter for pathlines.
3181EnSight SOSV10.0 Casemap in SOS does not work... Xclip from Field
3163EnVideoMouse scrolling can cause EnVideo to crash
3200ReadersFluent Reader fails when a zone id number matches no parts, the reader now warns about this but doesn't return an error.
3199ReadersSynthetic reader triangle elements nodal variables not populated
3077ReadersABAQUS ODB variables at the nodes doesn't match ABAQUS CAE
3121ReadersTecplot ascii block data fails to read
3183ReadersAbaqus ODB libraries set the locale to the local machine's locale which breaks a number of readers
3110RevealSaving per elem var with continuous palette fails in Reveal


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