EnSight 10.1!  (July 2014)


Fully post-process and visualize your CFD and CSM results in EnSight.


In 1994 we released EnSight to the CAE/CFD market.  Now in January 2012 we’re announcing the finest version of EnSight we’ve ever made, EnSight 10.  The major enhancement to EnSight 10 is an upgrade to the user interface.  EnSight 10’s  interface is much more flexible, designed to allow you to explore your data interactively and efficiently either on a daily basis or from time to time. EnSight 10 will allow you to be more effective in analyzing, visualizing, and communicating simulation results to your team.

I wanted to say how really delighted I am with the new user interface in EnSight 10 !  The combination of the new drag-and-drop functionality, right-click access and the ability to manipulate all the objects in the EnSight GUI directly without switching between interface modes is a major advance in ease-of-use. And the new EnSight 10 user interface should make it much easier for new users to quickly begin using EnSight.

Bob Kares,  Los Alamos National Labs

New User Interface

  • New Part List
  • Fully Customizable
  • Draggable Panels
  • International


New Features

  • Practical Volume Rendering
  • Improved Plotting
  • New and Improved Calculator
  • Drag-and-Drop


Data Interfaces


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