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Side-by-Side Animation Example

There was a recent request in from a user:
I have two models, and I have post processed them the same. I have similar animations from each result. What I’d really like to do, is to paste the animations in a side-by-side mode so that there is a new single combined animation which show the two results side by side. This the best way of comparing two or more animations.
Now, in most video editors, you only paste front-to-back. Well, not EnVe. You can paste side by side, or top/bottom, or diagonal, etc.
The example zip file (download),  contains an example of this capability:
Case1.avi — animation which is 826×574 pixels, with 30 frames —> will become the lower left image
Case2.avi — animation which is 826×574 pixels, with 30 frames —> will become the lower right image.

case_combine.mtm — multi tile movie instruction file. Have a look. You give the filenames, format, and any offset you want to apply to each animation. You see that Case2.avi is offset by 826 pixels in the horizontal direction (shift to be on the right of the first one). You can use more than 2 files, and just specify the offset for each. The max resolution should be set appropriately (in this case of side by side, it is 1652×574). You could extend to compare 4 cases by offseting case 3 in the vertical pixel, and case 4 in the vertical + horizontal. 0,0 is the lower left hand point in the animation.

Open up EnVe, and drag this case_combine.mtm file into the main EnVe window. You can then write out a new animation, which will be a side by side comparison. Case12.avi is an example output from that.
Nice and easy? Not something that many other programs can do, particularly in the engineering sector.

EnVE Tutorial from EnSight by CEI Software on Vimeo.

See also the EnSight documentation for more information on Evo DirectShow plugin for Windows, EVO QuickTime Component for Windows and Macintosh and EVO Animation File Library to learn about writing your own EVO files.

This article was sourced from PythonExchange.com which is a community website for python and EnSight scripting and automation.

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