Create Cinematic Visualizations

EnVe GUI Editor

EnVe GUI Editor

EnVe is a simple movie editor that can work with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for simple jobs, or can utilize command files for automated handling of image and movie files. This animation post-processing tool can be used to create full animations from teh EnSight family of products. EnVe allows users to crop and resize animations or video sequences, as well as add simple fades, pauses and titles to create a complete video presentation for CFD visualizations.

Examples of applications include:

  • Converting image series into a movie format
  • Converting images into new image formats
  • Converting movies into new movie formats
  • Placing movies side by side or top to bottom for simultaneous playback
  • Creating a left eye and right eye movie for stereo (3D) playback
  • Configuring multiple movies back to back with pauses and fades to create a complex composite movie
  • Adding titles
  • Resizing images or movies

To download EnVe, click the link below:

EnVe can be used to create single movies that play several existing movies at the same time. This is useful when displaying several types of simulations simultaneously, such as eigenfrequencies, multiple load cases, comparing case files, combining different types of CAE simulations, etc. For more information on this process, click here to download an information sheet.

EnVe’s native file format is an uncompressed .evo file, a format created by CEI (not to be confused with ripped DVD or Blue-ray discs).