New for 2017!

EnVision, the new 3D viewer for EnSight 10.2 and later.

Create a view of your data in EnSight and present and share it in EnVision.

EnVision is based on EnSight 10.2 and its new graphics pipeline with high speed flip books, higher quality rendering and support for textures, materials, multiple light sources and created geometry.

EnVision is available in two levels: a limited level, called EnVision Standard,  and a premium, licensed level called EnVision Pro.


EnVision Standard

Pan, Rotate, Zoom

Play Flipbook Animations

Play Keyframe Animations

Faster rendering of EnSight 10.2

EnVision Pro

All the features of EnVision

Multi-variables Access

Transient Data (in addition to flipbook animations)

Auxiliary clipping with the plane tool

Specify Center of Transform

Variable Color Palette Editing


Right-Click Operations

Edit the Light Sources

Drag and Drop

Create Keyframe Animations

Create/Edit Annotations

Create/Edit Viewports

Query Values

Output Realistic-looking Images through Ray-tracing

File Formats


Read EnVision .evsn files

Write Some Images and Movie Formats

EnVision Pro

Read EnVision .evsn files

Write EnVision .evsn files

Write Using Open and Licensed Images and Movie Formats.


You need EnSight 10.2.1(b) or later to create EnVision files.

EnVision will replace both EnLiten and Reveal.  EnSight 10.2 can still write out Reveal files but not EnLiten files. And there is no version 10.2 of Reveal or EnLiten 3D viewers. So, if you do use EnSight 10.2 to write out Reveal files use an older Reveal download to get the Reveal player application.

When you download EnSight, EnVision is part of the package. No separate installation is required.

All platforms that EnSight supports will be supported by EnVision, currently that’s Mac, Linux and Windows.

Incompatibilities and Current Limitations

Curved Vector Arrows are not yet supported in EnVision. These are converted into rectilinear arrows.

Tensor glyph display is not supported in EnVision.


EnVision Pro requires an “envisionpro” token.

Contact CEI or your EnSight distributor for a trial key or quote to add EnVision Pro to your license.