New for 2017!

EnVision, the new 3D viewer for EnSight 10.2 and later.

EnVision is based on EnSight 10.2 and its new graphics pipeline with high speed flip books, higher quality rendering and support for textures, materials, multiple light sources and created geometry.

There will be two versions of EnVision, a base version which will be free and a higher capability version which has a reasonable license fee. All platforms that EnSight supports will be supported by EnVision, currently that’s Mac, Linux and Windows.

You need EnSight 10.2 or later to create EnVision files.

EnVision will replace both EnLiten and Reveal.  EnSight 10.2 can still write out Reveal files but not EnLiten. And there is no version 10.2 of Reveal or EnLiten 3D viewers.

When you download EnSight, EnVision is part of the package. No separate installation is required.