CFD post processing for Flow-3D

Flow-3D Tutorials

How to post process Flow-3D data using EnSight is covered in a few short which can be found here. More tutorials here.

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Flow-3D Example

A very nice movie was made by Aric Meyer over at CEI China ( of Flow-3D data of a ship plowing through the sea.  This is indeed a CFD post processing animation, created by EnSight, not created by some Hollywood special effects software.  The model was created by XC Engineering of Italy, again using Flow-3D from Flow Science.

Aric Meyer over at CEI China told us how he accomplished this cool effect.

“I was working on some demos for a ship prospect using the data from Flow3D and XC Engineering. At one point I happened to make the scene look like “bioluminescent dinoflagillates” which glow when they are disturbed. If you’ve seen the movie “Life of Pi” there was a scene with the same or similar phenomenon in the scene when the whale jumps out of the water. Maybe not useful for most engineering, but it looks cool. The effect is made by using a texture set to ‘modulate’ and the water surface is colored by turbulent KE, which is white for high values and black/grey for low values.”


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Flow Science has selected EnSight as their technology partner for future CFD post processing developments, after comparing all the CFD post-processing products in the market.

You can also use textures in EnLiten files.  Sample EnLiten file using textures found here.