Do you have Thermal stresses or Fluid forces on a Deformable Body?

In many engineering applications it is necessary to transfer simulation results from one model to another. Such examples are thermal loads on structures or fluid forces on deformable components.

The FSI Plugin allows you to load source data into EnSight and map those results onto another mesh that you will run with another solver.  For example load Fluent results into EnSight and map them onto an Abaqus or Nastran mesh to deform the structural model with fluid forces.

Which source data formats are supported? Anything that EnSight can read in currently. (list)

Which data exports are available?  Currently, Abaqus, Nastran, and EnSight format.  Contact us if you wish to export to another format and we can propose a small project to add this format, or to determine if we are already working to add that format.

Viewing the original model and the model which results are mapped onto.














EnSight FSI Plugin is available for EnSight 9 or EnSight 10.

The FSI Plugin for EnSight combines the power and features of EnSight and the expertise in coupling and mapping multi-physics results of Fraunhofer SCAI, makers of MpCCI.  CEI has teamed up with SCAI to offer the FSI Plugin, purchasable either from SCAI or from CEI.

More Information

Brochure (PDF)

EnSight 10 FSI Plugin Demo

EnSight 9 FSI Plugin Demo

Fraunhofer SCAI FSI Plugin Webpage

Next Step

Contact CEI for more information, to arrange a demonstration, and to arrange a trial/test license.  FSI Plugin is a separately licensed feature.