Introducing EnVision Pro, the Best Way to View EnSight Data


New with EnSight 10.2 is EnVision, the updated 3D viewer for EnSight. EnVision gives you more options than ever for presenting and sharing views created in EnSight. Based on 10.2 and the updated graphics pipeline, EnVision features high-speed flipbooks, high-quality rendering and support for textures, materials, light sources and created geometry that can help you present your data in an interesting and informative way.

EnVision will allow you to:

  • Pan, Rotate and Zoom
  • Play Flipbook Animations
  • Play Keyframe Animations
  • Write to select image and movie formats

Learn even more about EnVision:


See even more with EnVision Pro

For users who want more control over their EnVision presentations, we’re proud to offer a premium version, EnVision Pro. This flexible software extends the features of the no cost version of EnVision by offering options such as multi-variables access, transient data, auxiliary clipping with the plane tool, annotations, viewports and more. EnVision Pro also allows you to create near photo-realistic images using ray tracing.

Beyond creating effective images and presentations, EnVision Pro users also have the ability to share their work in more ways than ever. EnVision pro can both read and write EnVision .evsn files, as well as write to open and licensed image and movie formats, ensuring that your data is ready to be viewed no matter what audience or technology is in play.

Getting Started with EnVision

The no cost version of EnVision is included with EnSight 10.2. No separate installation is required. This product replaces  Reveal and EnLiten for viewing EnSight data. Simply write your EnSight view to the EnVision .evsn format and open the file to get started.

EnVision is based on the EnSight 10.2 user interface, so users should have no trouble navigating or using the software. If you are interested in a trial of EnVision Pro, please contact us for an “envisionpro” token.

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