OpenFOAM post-processing benefits from 6x faster reader

OpenFOAM post-processing using EnSight just got a lot faster.  Thanks to a customer sending some test data we have developed a performance improvement that for this sample data was quite significant, 6x faster.  Mileage of course will vary and this might be the very best improvement anyone could see.  On the other hand performance gains for your data might be even greater.  Who know?

To get this new reader you need to be using version 10.0.3(e) or later, which is not yet released/announced.  Contacting EnSight Support might be the best way to get early access to this reader version, since you might want to also share some sample data so that CEI’s Development team can make sure the reader is robust and fast for your data as well.

This improvement points out how important it is for customers to work with CEI by providing sample datasets.

openfoam post-processing

OpenFOAM reader selected in the Format option. You will need to be using EnSight 10.0.3(e) or later to have the correct, faster OpenFOAM reader.


More Information

OpenFOAM Post-processing Page

What is OpenFOAM?

Who owns/develops OpenFOAM?



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