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In the USA, Canada, and Mexico, please call our toll free number (800) 551-4448

Acceptable Payment Methods:

  1. A purchase order (Net 30). Completion of Credit Profile required with all POs;
  2. An authorized credit card: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover;
  3. ACH credit, electronic bank transfer; or
  4. Wire transfer.
Use the form below for purchasing help.
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EnSight is software that is licensed.  The license works either for a single computer, we call that “node-locked”,  or shared among several computers, what we call “floating”.   A license key (small text file that should not be edited) is required in either case.   The exception is EnSight Free which can be downloaded and used without a license key at all.  When you start EnSight without a license key, it asks if you want to install a key, run without a key, or request a trial key.

New Customers


If you are a new customer or considering EnSight then you can request a Evaluation License.  Evaluation licenses of EnSight are available at no charge for qualified users.

EnSight Free

EnSight Free is a version of EnSight which can be used for Free (as in free beer)  (some limitations like model size).  Information about EnSight Free is found here.  If you want to download the Free version we ask you to register, so that we can keep you informed when new versions arrive.  Evaluation licenses for the Paid version are also available.  Evaluation licenses of EnSight Desktop are available at no charge for qualified users.


Renewal License Keys

If you are a current customer and need a new license key, use this form.


Floating Licenses

Floating licenses: all licenses work across local area networks.

Windows, Linux, and Mac:  EnSight supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, and Mac platforms.  A floating license works on all platforms.  A node locked license works on any one of the platforms, whichever computer you license EnSight for.  There is no price difference for different platforms.

All licenses are floating, unless otherwise notated, which means they can be installed and run on any computer in the local network.  Floating licenses work on any platform and any mix of platform types.  EnSight is licensed by the client. The EnSight server application is not licensed and can be installed and run on any computer in the local network or even across a wide area network.

Support & Maintenance (S&M)

S&M includes all new versions, releases and needed bug fixes, licensing support, and license key changes, as well as Hotline support.  Perpetual Licenses include S&M in the first year of software use. S&M in subsequent years may be purchased at 20% of the current perpetual license price. Annual Licenses include Support & Maintenance Service.

Fasttrack Support & Maintenance (S&M): Available 35% of the current perpetual license price (available for EnSight DR and EnSight Gold only).



Training: introductory and advanced training courses are offered. Training courses can be arranged at the customer site. Training is not included in the software licensing fee.



Academic licenses: academic licenses are available for degree-granting Universities for a discount off the commercial prices. Academic licenses may be used solely for teaching purposes or degree-related, non-contract research. Ask about the paid-up perpetual license option for academic licenses for a single, one-time purchase price.

Multiple License Discount: Multiple license discount starts at the second license for a single site with an additional % for each additional license. Discounts are applied on a per-purchase order basis only.