Reveal is a 3D geometry player for viewing, analyzing and manipulating complex visualization scenarios created in EnSight or in other applications. Reveal enables communication of complex 3D simulations and models in fields such as CFD, FEA, crash analysis, aerodynamics, and scientific visualizations. Reveal runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS.


Reveal and Reveal Pro enable users to do the following:

  • Import multiple scenario files containing 3D models with associated rich geometry, files can be configured to show only what the originator wants seen by others
  • Control transient, keyframe and particle-trace animations created as scenario files
  • Add notes to models for collaborative work on the web
  • Output in standardized formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PostScript, PNG, RGB, QuickTime, MPEG, AVI and EVO
  • Display multiple viewports and change size of image windows
  • Access easy-to-use controls for looping, cycling, changing playback speeds, and playing animation in forward or reverse
  • Link models and animation to presentation tools like PowerPoint
  • View models and animations in full screen and 3D stereo
  • Support a full range of computing display systems, including VR and distributed memory clusters.

Reveal currently ships with both Japanese and English languages. The next release of Reveal will be installed with Chinese languages.

Below are three sample Reveal datasets, feel free to download them. If you do not have EnSight installed on your computer you can download the PackNGo .exe files, these files have the Chinese translation included.

2dflow2.jpg guardrail.jpg shuttle.jpg
Download the dataset Download the dataset Download the dataset
Download the PackNGo .exe Download the PackNGo .exe Download the PackNGo .exe



Reveal is FREE!  for most common usage such as desktop visualization and presentations.  Specifically, when running single-pipe; this includes a -dconfig file with 1 pipe.

Reveal Pro is able to run in Virtual Reality (VR) or large-display mode such as on a PowerWall. Reveal Pro is available for a fee.


Why select Reveal instead of EnLiten?

  • Multiple variables in a single file.
  • Multiple languages such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.
  • Support for distributed VR systems.


[toggle title_open=”More Reveal Details” title_closed=”More Reveal Details” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default” excerpt_length=”0″ read_more_text=”Read More” read_less_text=”Read Less” include_excerpt_html=”no”] Benefits

Display lists, for both static and transient geometry, including multi-pipe SMP mode
(up to 5x faster for some scenes as compared with EnLiten, EnLiten is always in immediate mode)
File size and executable size .csf files use HDF5, a general-purpose library and file format for storing scientific data, under the hood, which includes compression.
Capable of distributed rendering
High-quality (sorted) transparency
Ability to stream data, (compared with EnLiten, which loads the entire data set).

Ability to edit the following attributes:
• Color-by variable (i.e., Reveal file can contain multiple variables and the user can choose which to view)
• Shade type (flat, smooth) for polygons and lines
• Shaded/hidden toggle for parts and global setting
• Point scale (screen-space or geometric-space)
• Point type
• Vector arrow type
• Vector arrow scaling


• Does not include all annotation types
• Cannot color-by vector component
• Does not implement displacement (must be done server-side)
• Does not animation plots vs. time
• Pathlines do not sync with transient data
• Does not support Texture maps
• Does not include node/element label[/toggle]