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Here’s an interesting calculator problem,

You know that
var{5} is the value of the variable at timestep 5
var{0} is the value of the variable at timestep 0.

If you want to know the difference between the two,
you can put the following expression in the calculator.

var{5} – var{0]

but, for models of any size, it is so slow it appears to hang.


If you include a reference to a variable from two or more different
timesteps, the calculator will change back and forth between timesteps element 
by element or node by node and take a considerable amount of time. If you
need to do a calculation with two different timesteps, assign each of the
timesteps to a temporary variable, then use the temporary variables in your

For example,

var{5} – var{0}

is prone to drastic slowdown in EnSight. Whereas

temp5 = var{5}
temp0 = var{0}

will run much faster.

This is documented in Knowledge Base under Calculator Variable Problems, and now in ch 7 of the User Manual.

Signed – EnSight Support

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