Sysadmin Position at CEI

Sysadmin Position at CEI

Computational Engineering International is currently considering candidates for the position of System Administrator, or sysadmin.

Role & Responsibilities:

In this role we are seeking a sysadmin candidate with practical experience managing heterogenous networks of Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX computers. In addition to computer administration, you will also manage CEI’s networking infrastructure (firewalls, VPN, networking services), testing infrastructure, offsite services (SVN, Google Sites, Salesforce, Zendesk), and other duties as necessary.

Computational Engineering International (CEI) is a profitable, privately held software company that develops, markets, and supports software for analyzing, visualizing and communicating computer-aided engineering results and scientific data. For more information on our business please visit our website CEI has a
diverse computational environment ranging from laptops to medium scale clusters running Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. CEI is headquartered in Apex, North Carolina, and has employees based around the US as well as owning several international subsidiaries.


* Maintain a diverse network of approximately 50 computers and small clusters
* Work independently and cooperatively with a small development team
* Provide system administration support for a local office of approximately 20 people and several employees around the US
* Interface as needed with international subsidiaries

Required Skills/Background

* BS/BA in Computer Science or equivalent
* 5+ years network administration experience (LDAP, Firewalls, NIS, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory)
* 5+ years system administration experience (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX)
* 5+ years experience with network services (web servers, Google sites, or comparable)
* Practical experience with VMWare and VSphere
* Programming experience with Python and shell scripting
* Tenacity to not only keep systems running but to improve them
* Good oral and written communication skills
* US Citizenship required

Other Skills of Interest

* Testing framework development or management
* Programming experience in C and/or C++
* Batch queuing system deployment and administration
* Salesforce, Zendesk, or equivalent administration


In addition to paying a competitive base salary based on education, experience, job duties, and contributions towards the company’s success, CEI also offers the following compensation components:

* Profit Sharing – Based on net profits of the company per quarter. On a yearly basis this component has historically been between 10% to 20% of base pay.

* Medical Insurance – CEI provides comprehensive medical insurance to the employee plus family at no cost to the employee.

* Dental Insurance – CEI provides dental insurance to the employee plus family at no cost to the employee.

* Life and Disability Insurance – CEI provides base coverage for the employee at no cost.

* Health Care Reimbursement Account – CEI provides some funding into this account and the employee may contribute pre tax dollars for further funding.

* Bonus Pay – CEI values the contributions of it’s employees and routinely recognizes extra ordinary efforts by offering bonus pay.

* Stock Grants – CEI values the contributions of it’s employees and recognizes extra ordinary efforts by offering stock grants and restricted stock grants.

* Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) – CEI believes that employees should have the benefits of company ownership. Over the past several years CEI has aggressively contributed to this plan.

* Retirement Plan – Employees of CEI may contribute to a SAR/SEP retirement plan where the employee is free to make any investment he/she may choose.

* Paid Vacation – In addition to 10 paid holidays, employees start with 15 paid vacation days per year.

This position will have a target total take home compensation range of $75 – $110K


Equal Opportunity Employer

CEI, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. CEI, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable state or federal civil rights law.


CEI is located in Apex, North Carolina very nearby to Cary, NC.   CEI is about 20 minutes drive from Raleigh and the NCSU campus.  We are 20 minutes drive to the RDU airport, 25 minutes drive to Pittsboro, NC and also close to Duke, and UNC-Chapel Hill college campuses, about 45 minutes drive.  See this link for a map.


To Apply

If you are a qualified candidate, consider yourself passionate about what you do, and enjoy being part of a team where every employee contributes to the success of the company, please submit your resume to We look forward to hearing from you!

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