Image of the Month – September 2012 – Is this your heart?

Image created using EnSight by Jonatan Eriksson, PhD student to Professor Tino Ebbers of Linkoping University.

EnSight data usually comes from computer simulations.  But in this case the data came from an MRI, an MRI of a beating human heart.  A highly specialized segment of the MRI research community focuses on cutting-edge MRI hardware and scanning algorithms.  That community includes Linkoping University in Sweden where this image was created.  The image was used in promoting the upcoming meeting of the Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR), see below.  Read More

To help keep information together regarding this unique use of EnSight, we’ve created a new web page dedicated to 4D-Flow community.

Flyer for the SCMR 2013 Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Featuring the heart image produced by Linkoping University using EnSight.


An image nice enough to be your society’s cover art is a strong endorsement for image of the month from CEI.

Congratulations to Jonatan and Prof. Ebbers.

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Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging showcases EnSight image on Cover

The April 2012 issue of JMRI cover features an image made with EnSight.

And an article inside mentions how EnSight is used with MRI/DICOM data to visualize blood flow.

Cover image for Vol. 35 Issue 4

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