EnSight 10.0.1b Release Notes

New or Major Capabilities Added

New NASTRAN OP2 (beta) Reader.  The NASTRAN OP2 reader reads some OP2 files that the existing reader was not able to read. Both the existing and this new alternative NASTRAN readers remain available.  We would appreciate feedback when customers have tried them both on the same dataset.

New GMV Reader.  GMV is the format used by ConvergeCFD and Barracuda and sometimes KIVA.  This is just an Alpha reader we are releasing to get customer participation in the pre-release testing phase.

Checkpoints.  Checkpoints are automatically created session files useful for if/when EnSight crashes and you want to return to your work.  No need to waste time making session files manually or recreating your work in EnSight manually.  To install checkpoints go to:   User Tools > Utilities. You set how often checkpoints are saved and how many you want to be saved before the old ones are deleted.   Notice also that there is a manual checkpoints utility you can also put in your Main toolbar for manual checkpoints.  Access Checkpoints in the Welcome Window,   Window > Welcome To.

Stereo viewing control panel in User Tools.  Controls the eye separation values for stereo viewing.

The command language manual is back, but is not accessible via the GUI. We do include the file now.

Improved multi-value input in the transformation editor (e.g. single entry of vectors, etc) and other locations.

International Fonts.  We now support ‘font linking’.  This allows for improved display of font glyphs that are not available in the current font.  The classic example is a variable name with Japanese text in it displaying as ‘squares’ using the default annotation font, ‘Arial’. In 10.0.1(b) on a Japanese Windows system the text should display properly.

There were some changes that improve startup performance in specific environmental situations (e.g. large numbers of fonts and some network drive cases).

‘dconfig’ displays now supported.  This applies to multiple displays connected from a single graphics card.  (No Distributed Rendering (DR) support yet in v10.0).

EnVe includes some additional tools for stereo .evo manipulation: extraction of channels, swapping of channels, creation of ‘side-by-side’ style stereo framing used by the nVidia stereo movie viewer and Youtube.



Bug Fixes and Minor Changes


IDDefect/EnhancementProductShort Description
2081defectEnSight ClientDeleting case 2, then selecting case 3 causes crash
2098defectEnSight ClientQuery/plot editor broken for plots
2138defectEnSight ClientCommands for save of query information to file pop up a file dialog
1977defectEnSight Clienttransforming plane tool causes invalid command, unplayable file
1983defectEnSight ClientVisibilty changes wait for Mouse Movement?
1987defectEnSight ClientKeyframe transient start/end time messed up
1988defectEnSight ClientKeyframe transient increment ignored
1989defectEnSight ClientFlipbook Step increment doesn't work
1990defectEnSight ClientGamepads no longer work on Linux, using spacedevice.defaults
1992defectEnSight Clientload parts somewhat broken
1997defectEnSight ClientCommand dialog 'cd' button doesn't work
2000defectEnSight ClientExponent (up/down) Min/Max Stepper buttons for thresholding missing in FED of Shock/Vortex Core/Separation&AttachmentLines
2001defectEnSight ClientDefine (Dependent) Variables... button should come before the variable selection button.
2009defectEnSight ClientDeactivating a computed variable causes a client crash
2012defectEnSight ClientProblem between box tool 'fit to selected parts' and transformation editor
2018defectEnSight ClientBad command language from conic tools
2019defectEnSight ClientBad command language from the revolution tool
2024defectEnSight ClientRev tool not updated in the transformation dialog
2026defectEnSight ClientTool for particle tracing should be made visible
2039defectEnSight ClientElevated surface from 1D part
2041defectEnSight ClientIssues with multiline annotations and click-n-go
2052defectEnSight ClientIssues with LPARTS
2053defectEnSight ClientIssues with solution time GUI
2055defectEnSight ClientIssues with saving an animation with animated traces and transient data
2060defectEnSight Clientdeleting part a child part didn't get removed
2061defectEnSight ClientCombined Transient xy query is not transient
2062defectEnSight ClientClip of a particle trace part crashes ensight
2063defectEnSight Clientdist2part fails on mac
2067defectEnSight ClientCan't plot the queries of 3 or more different (i.e. energy) variables on the same plot
2069defectEnSight ClientCan not play a *.py file from a *.enc file in batch mode
2070defectEnSight ClientRight click add to new plot to add multiple selected queries to new plot
2073defectEnSight Clientvariable range changes over time
2074defectEnSight ClientCannot save a transient animation on my mac
2077defectEnSight Clientbugs with HPC Remote Server UDT
2079defectEnSight ClientFile Export causes Crash
2086defectEnSight Clientbad command language
2090defectEnSight Clientcontours not colored by variable
2095defectEnSight Clientclient remote server manual connect session restore fail
2099defectEnSight ClientPicking elements for subset parts does not work
2101defectEnSight ClientLong text annotations could cause EnSight to crash...
2102defectEnSight ClientLPART load() crashes ensight
2103defectEnSight ClientLong path plus filename for python extension icon file can corrupt memory.
2106defectEnSight ClientCancel button on flipbook load status panel does not work
2110defectEnSight Clientfinite/infinite flag for revolution tool clips
2117defectEnSight ClientClip by revolving a 1D part axis vector values are not applied correctly, only X is used
2122defectEnSight ClientTransformation editor is not being initialized when managed from Edit->Transformation editor
2130defectEnSight Clienttransient anmation dialog missing functionality
1982defectEnSight ClientKeyframe play button left on
1984defectEnSight ClientErroneous keyframe warning dialog
1985defectEnSight ClientWrong FED layout for keyframing
1999defectEnSight Clientquery jump to next endpoint not redrawing
2003defectEnSight ClientButton scaling in symbol dialog broken
2004defectEnSight Clientvolume element rep of block structured parts is popping up dialog
2006defectEnSight Client-swd command line option doesn't work well on Windows
2017defectEnSight ClientFinite outside cylinder clip error
2036defectEnSight ClientElevated surface widgets too small
2059defectEnSight Clientpart: select_visible, part: select_invisible, part: select_showing do not work for batch mode
2084defectEnSight Clientpoint elements fail to calculate server number properly
2094defectEnSight ClientFED clip problems
2100defectEnSight Clientclip fed for cylinder
2125enhancementEnSight Clientvector arrows should display based on the transparency attribute.
2058defectReadersFlow3D velocity vector slow
2082defectEnSight ServerChanging Clip from Mesh to Grid with Nfaced cells hangs server
2108defectEnSight ServerChanging time step when Vortex Core created crashes server
2132defectEnSight ServerCrash after creating IsoVolume following isosurface of per elem variable of Polyhedral data
1976defectEnSight SOSError reading a mix of structured and unstructured parts from a case file, in SOS

EnSight 9 to EnSight 10 Training Materials

Want some training on how to upgrade from EnSight 9 to EnSight 10?

The training materials here will help you see how the GUI has changed and find the benefits.

EnSight 10 Release Announcement

We sent this announcement out today for EnSight 10 via our customer newsletter and various media outlets.

CEI Launches New EnSight 10 for Improved CAE/CFD Visualization

Intuitive GUI Makes EnSight 10 More Powerful and Efficient for Everyday Use


Apex, N.C. and Nashville, Tenn. (January 17, 2012)—CEI Inc., maker of EnSight visualization software for computer aided engineering (CAE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), today announced the debut of EnSight 10, the latest version of its powerful 3D visualization software for post-processing of CAE/CFD data and analysis. EnSight 10 features an all new, structured volume rendering capability and a streamlined user interface for analyzing and communicating complex simulation results. CEI unveiled EnSight 10 during the 50th Annual Aerospace Sciences Meetingof the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics that runs January 9-12 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn.

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