Wall Shear Stress Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to visualize the wall shear stress from a CFD calculation using EnSight.

Tutorial Home, with sample data.

EnSight 9.2.2f Release Notes

New or Major Capabilities Added

None. This version of EnSight is just maintenance on the previous version released in EnSight 9.2.2e in November 2011.  All new development activity is focused on EnSight 10.


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes


EnSight ClientThe derived tensor variables for readers like Ansys could be improperly named...1912
EnSight ClientVolume rendering does not work on Linux systems with ATI hardware2071
EnSight ClientBugs with the HPC Remote Server tab2078
EnSight Clientcontext restore failure when context tries to create a variable that already exists2193
EnSight ClientImprove diagnostic output from the socket transport2151
EnSight ServerCrash when trying to compute an isovolume1800
EnSight ServerNo streamlines when time is 1e+7, vel is 1e-6 and xyz is 11793
EnSight ServerStar-ccm file crashes EnSight server during load1852
EnSight ServerUDMF can't return Z_UNDEF value2097
EnSight Serverunstructured autodistribute of user-defined format using 2.0 api, with nsided/nfaced elements problem2198
EnSight SOSSOS crash -- server decomposed fluent data1776
EnSight SOSDon't reload a comm2 transport DSO if already loaded2149
ReadersTecplot ASCII fails to properly read block packed data1838

EnSight 9 to EnSight 10 Training Materials

Want some training on how to upgrade from EnSight 9 to EnSight 10?

The training materials here will help you see how the GUI has changed and find the benefits.

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